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Best Minecraft Village Mods


Villages are pretty bland in Minecraft, especially if you’re playing on older versions of Minecraft. It’s relatively okay for Minecraft Vanilla players, as the 1.14 update brought some much needed changes to the game.

Even then, Villages in the 1.14 update still don’t have much to do when it comes to content. Thankfully for modders, there’s a few options available which makes hanging around in Villages worth doing.

This isn’t our only list of Minecraft Mods. Here at PwrDown, we cover a lot of Minecraft content, so make sure to check out our other Minecraft Mod Lists & Guides if you want to read more. The list below is in no particular order, and all buttons will link back to CurseForge where you can download them.

Minecraft Comes Alive

minecraft comes alive mod

First up, we have the Minecraft Comes Alive mod, also known as MCA. This mod will completely overhaul your Minecraft Villages, now making them feel more realistic. Each Villager will have a random skin assigned, with over 250 available. Each Villager will also have a profession, and will spend most of their time working.

Villagers will also have jobs to do, but the main feature of this mod is all of the available interactions. You can chat to each Villager, building a relationship with them eventually. After that, you’ll be able to have children who you can send to do chores such as Mining, Woodcutting and Farming. 


tektopia mod

Next up, we have TekTopia, and it’s one of my favorite Minecraft mods overall. It’s similar to Minecraft Comes Alive above, but focuses more on the Village management and professions compared to the interactions. It’s similar as to how Villagers also look more human like.

Villagers won’t just work aimlessly either. They have certain working hours, and will need some forms of entertainment to keep them happy. A happy Villager is a hard working Villager! In TekTopia, it’s your job to build a town hall, recruit new Villagers, build homes, provide schools and more. This mod is probably the most in-depth Villager mod available for Minecraft.

Mo’ Villages

mo' villages

Mo’ Villages is a bit more of a basic Minecraft Village mod. Unlike the other mods we’ve covered so far, it doesn’t change the mechanics of Villagers, or makes them seem more realistic and human.

Instead, it simply adds a few new Village designs to Minecraft. Specifically for Biomes such as Savannah, Extreme Hills, Savannah and Birch Forest. All Villages will have the same buildings and layout, but now they’ll be made out of different blocks, as you can see on the image above. This feature already exists in newer versions of Vanilla Minecraft, but it’s a good choice if you’re playing on 1.12.2 or below.

Villager Trade Tables

Another mod which doesn’t make any drastic changes is Villager Trade Tables. It essentially allows you to completely customize the Minecraft trading system, adding your own unique items, or modifying existing ones.

It’s also possible to apply NBT data to trade items, as well as potions and enchantments. Alongside these new trades, there are new professions available for Villagers including Leather Workers, Farmers, Butchers and more. Although these features already exist in newer Minecraft versions, it’s good to still be able to use them.


millenaire mod

The final mod to make this list is Millénaire, and makes some huge changes to Minecrafts Villages. Firstly, Villages will be more cultural with this mod, as it is loosely inspired by eleventh century cultures. There are 5 different culture styled Villages.

When you reach a Village, there’s quite a lot to do. You can help expand on the Village by trading, and supplying Villagers with much needed supplies such as Cobblestone and Wood. Occasionally, there will also be some quests to complete, which can help you earn Reputation. With more reputation comes more rewards, like the ability to buy land, unlock more quests and learn new skills.

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