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Foxes are passive mobs in Minecraft, which where added in the 1.14 Update. Typically, they sleep during the day and explore of a night, also making their way towards nearby Villages where they might hunt farm animals.

In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Foxes. This guide includes taming, breeding and finding Foxes.

We created this guide during Minecraft 1.16, so there’s no guarantee that the Rabbits mechanics could be a little different in the future. We’ve covered many more Minecraft Guides here at PwrDown, as well as some for other types of animals and mobs that you can find in-game.

How to Find Foxes

Foxes can be difficult to find in Minecraft, as they only spawn in some locations. Start looking in Taiga, Giant Tree Taiga and Snowy Taiga Biomes, as these are where they spawn.

Currently, Foxes spawn in very small packs which usually have anywhere between 2 to 4 Foxes. Only 5% of all spawns will be babies. If Foxes are spawned in a snowy biome, then they will have white fur instead.

minecraft fox sleeping
Fox Sleeping Under a Tree

They are nocturnal animals, so during the day, Foxes will try and find a place to rest which isn’t bright. This will typically be under trees, or near caves. If a Fox detects the player getting close, they will wake up and flee. If instead, it’s sitting down, that’s because the Fox can’t find a suitable place to sleep.

Holding Items

A Fox can hold items inside of its mouth. It can be any item, as long as it’s something that the player can pick-up too. Although they do prefer to pickup food, and will drop other items in order to prioritize food, eventually eating it.

fox holding items
A Fox Holding Leather

To have a Fox pick an item up, simply place it on the ground nearby. It isn’t just for items you drop either, as Foxes will pick up any items which are on the ground. This mechanic also applies to items which have effects, such as Poisonous Berries. 

Some interesting things to note is that if a Fox is holding onto a weapon (such as a Sword), then the Fox will have its own stats increased. Likewise, a Totem of Undying will also work, as well as Chorus Fruit for teleportation if these items are in the Foxes mouth.

Breeding Foxes

You can breed Foxes in Minecraft by feeding each one Sweet Berries. These can be collected from Sweet Berry bushes, which are typically found in all Taiga variant biomes. 

baby fox
A Baby Fox

When you feed each Fox, a Baby Fox will be born and will trust the player, not fleeing from them. Although they will still follow their parents, so at this point, you should place the Baby Fox on a lead and take it away.

Taming Foxes

It is possible to tame a Fox in Minecraft in some way, but not so that it loves you in the same way Cats and Wolves do. Foxes won’t defend the player, fight for them or follow them, but they will hang around in your base.

You can’t tame adult Foxes in Minecraft, as they will never trust the player. Instead, you should go through the breeding process above to create a Baby Fox, which will trust you. Once that baby grows into an adult, it will be tamed and belong to you.

You should give the Fox a name tag to prevent it from de-spawning, and keep it in an enclosure so that it doesn’t run away. 

Fox Drops

Foxes don’t have any unique drops like other mobs do in Minecraft. They’ll only drop experience, and the item they are holding in their mouth. There’s also an extra chance to drop items which they can naturally spawn with, such as Feathers, Leather, Wheat, Eggs, Rabbit Hide, Rabbits Foot and Emeralds.

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