How to Advertise Your Minecraft Server


MinecraftHow to Advertise Your Minecraft Server

After going through all the work of creating a Minecraft Server, one thing you now have to struggle with is building a player base. Truth be told, out of the thousands of servers which are created each month, it’s very rare for them to gain much of a following.

Register to Server Lists

There are dozens of Minecraft Server Lists available, which you can register your server too. That way, they appear in their directories which other players often look through. These Server Lists allow you to categorize your server, so that it’s modes and versions can be displayed, allowing users to filter through them.

It’s a good idea to have an eye-catching banner, one in a GIF format is a good choice. Some server lists also rank servers by their uptime, so having your server online 24/7 is also recommended. Or some lists also use Votifier, where players on your server can do the /vote command.

Promote on Reddit

You can try your luck on some Subreddits. A good suggestion would be to post on the MCServers Subreddit. It has 124,000 subscribed users, but usually around 100 people browsing it at any moment. 

Don’t do this too often, as you’ll be blocked for spamming. You can read the posting guidelines outlined in the Subreddits sidebar for best practices.

Social Media Posts

Of course, one of the best ways to gain an audience on your server is through Social Media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even TikTok are a great way to get eyes on your server.

TikTok especially, as if you create good content, your video can be picked up by the algorithm and seen by hundreds of thousands of people in a few days. It’s a lot easier to gain views on TikTok than YouTube.

Alternatively, there are influencers on these platforms who will promote your server for a fee, if you have the budget. Often, these are expensive, especially with so many servers offering pay to win features these days.

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