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Displaying your countries flag in your Minecraft base is a great idea, especially if you’re playing on a towny or roleplaying server. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to create a Banner which contains the design of the American Flag. 

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Step 1: Craft a Loom

To apply patterns to Banners in Minecraft, you are going to need a Loom. These can easily be crafted using 2 Planks and 2 String. Planks can be crafted from Logs, and String can be obtained from Spiders or Cobwebs.

loom recipe
Recipe for Crafting a Loom

Alternatively, Looms can also be found in Villagers. They are a job site block, so there’s a chance for them to be found in Shepherds Houses which you can use or break to collect.

Step 2: Create a Red Flag

For the American Flag, we’ll use a Red Banner as the base, which we can later apply white strips to. 

red banner base
Red Banner Base Creation

Place 6 Red Wool inside a Crafting Table, with a Stick in the bottom center slot. Red Wool can be obtained by applying a Red Dye to any colored Wool, with Red Dye being made from Roses.

Step 3: Add White Stripes

Now it’s time to use the Loom. Open it up, place your Banner in the left slot, and White Dye in the dye slot. On the right hand side, you can see a list of patterns, look for ‘White Paly’.

white stripes
White Stripes

The White Paly pattern will apply the white stripes to your banner. You can take it out of the loom and into your inventory. 

Step 4: Blue Corner

Now that we have a red and white striped flag, we need to make it look like the American flag by adding a blue corner. Place the Banner back into the Loom with a single Blue Dye, which can be obtained from Lapis Lazuli.

blue corner banner
Blue Corner

Now just select the Blue Chief Dexter Canton pattern in the Loom, which looks like the image above. With all that finished, you should now have an American Flag Banner which you can apply to your Shield, or hang around your base!

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