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In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about Heart of the Sea in Minecraft. Specifically what this item does, and how you can obtain it. Heart of the Sea that was added in the Minecraft Aquatic Update, which was Minecraft 1.13.

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What is Heart of the Sea?

Heart of the Sea only has one use in Minecraft, and that is as a Crafting Ingredient for the Conduit. A single Conduit requires one Heart of the Sea and 8 Nautilus Shells to craft.

conduit minecraft
A Conduit underwater

Conduits are very useful structures. They replenish Oxygen, deal damage to hostile mobs who are underwater and provide vision when underwater. Though they are quite complex to craft.

How to Get Heart of the Sea

There is only one way to obtain the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft, and that’s through Buried Treasure. Buried Treasure is very unlikely to be randomly stumbled upon, instead you’ll need to get your hands on a Buried Treasure Map.

buried treasure map
Buried Treasure Map

When you open a Buried Treasure Map, you will see your own character indicated by a small triangular icon (or circle if you’re off the map). The location of the Buried Treasure is indicated by the red X icon.

You’ll want to craft a boat, and move around until you see your own icon getting closer to the X. Once there, it’s just a case of digging around until you find a Chest. 

You should have no problem finding a Heart of the Sea, as it will spawn in 100% of Buried Treasure Chests. There is no other way to obtain the item, it can’t be traded with Villagers or crafted.

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