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Llamas are a neutral mob in Minecraft, which where added in the Minecraft 1.11 Update 2016. Their main use is that they can be equipped with Chests, allowing them to carry large amounts of items, especially when formed into Caravans.

Like some other mobs in Minecraft, they can be tamed which will allow you to ride them. Although unlike Horses, you can’t control them. 

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about Llamas. This guide is compatible for all Minecraft Versions, including the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Pocket Edition. We’ve covered plenty more Minecraft Guides which you’re welcome to read!

Where to Find Llamas in Minecraft

Llamas have a few conditions they must meet in order to spawn. First, they will need to spawn at a light level of 7 and above, which rules them out from spawning during the night. Secondly, they can only spawn in certain biomes, which are the Savanna and Mountains Biomes.

herd of minecraft llamas
Herd of Llamas

When found, they will be in ‘herds’, with each herd consisting of between 4 and 6 Llamas. There are a few different color variants of Llamas including Brown, Cream, White and Grey. For every Llama that spawns in Minecraft, there’s a 10% chance that one will be a baby.

How to Transport Llamas in Minecraft

The easiest way to transport a Llama around Minecraft is by using a lead, as they don’t accept Saddles. Something interesting about them is that when you attach a lead to a Llama, it will send a signal to other Llamas in the area (up to 10, doesn’t matter if they tamed or not) to follow that one, which will form a ‘Caravan’. 

llama caravan
Llamas forming a Caravan

A Caravan can consist of up to 10 Llamas in total, including the one which is on a Lead. You can form another Caravan by simply leading up another Llama, allowing the Caravan to be increased by an additional 10 Llamas.

How to Tame Llamas in Minecraft

Llamas are probably one of the easiest mobs to tame in Minecraft. To tame a Llama, simply press the ‘Use’ button on it (right mouse button on PC) to start riding it. Doing so, you will have a chance of taming a Llama.

Your character will begin to ride the Llama, and have a slim chance of taming it each time. The chance depends on the temper level on the Llama, which can be increased by feeding it Wheat or Hay Bales. If the Llama doesn’t allow you to tame it, you will be thrown off and be allowed to try again.

Riding a Tamed Llama

Eventually, taming will succeed and hearts will radiate from the Llama. Now that you have tamed a Llama, you will be able to customize and ‘upgrade’ it by adding Chests and Carpets.

How to Store Items in Llamas in Minecraft

Once you have tamed a Llama, you will be able to equip it with a Chest to store items inside. You can do this by interacting with a Llama whilst holding a Chest in your hand. You may need to crouch to actually place the Chest, so that you don’t mount the Llama instead.

A Llama with a Chest attached

You can then access the Llamas inventory by again, crouching and interacting with it. Or you can press the inventory button whilst riding a Llama (E on PC). Unfortunately, there is no way to get the Chest back without killing a Llama. The number of slots the Chest has is determined by the strength of the Llama. 

How to Decorate Llamas in Minecraft

You can actually decorate your Llama in Minecraft once it has been tamed. Simply open up its inventory by crouching and interacting with it. In the top left of the interface is a slot where you can add Carpet.

Llama with Blue Carpet

By adding Carpet, your Llama will look a bit like the image above, with it having a carpeted area on its back and around the neck. To craft Carpet, place 2 Wool into a Crafting Table next to eachother, you’ll receive 3 Carpet. If you want to change the color of the Carpet, you can use Minecraft Dyes.

How to Breed Llamas in Minecraft

It is in-fact possible to breed Llamas in Minecraft. However you can only breed ones which you have already tamed, meaning you’ll need to have successfully tamed at least 2 Llamas already.

Baby Llama

Before you breed Llamas, you’ll require Hay Bales. You can get Hay Bales from Villages, or craft them yourself by placing 9 Wheat inside of a Crafting Table, filling every slot. To breed a Llama in Minecraft, simply feed the adult Llamas Hay Bales until hearts radiate from them, then they will make a baby, who will take the appearance of one of the parents.

What do Llamas Eat in Minecraft

There are currently two types of foods that Llamas eat in Minecraft. These are Wheat and  Hay Bales. Feeding a Llama Wheat will restore 2 Health, increase the growth speed by 10 seconds and increase temper by 3. 

Whereas feeding a Llama Hay Bales will speed growth by 1 minute 30 seconds, increase temper by 6 and activate ‘love mode’, allowing Llamas to breed.

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