Minecraft Village Guide: How to Find, Loot, Villagers, Raids, and More!


MinecraftMinecraft GuidesMinecraft Village Guide: How to Find, Loot, Villagers, Raids, and More!

Minecraft is a game that lets your imagination run wild, and for such a game to exist, the world should be like a clean slate that we can draw on. And that’s the world Minecraft generates for us, but soon you realize that solitude is no fun.

For this reason, Villages have been added to the game. The Villages host the many villagers who live their daily lives trading with each other and carrying out their daily chores. These villages can be really useful for the player, and this guide will shed some light on how to get the most out of a village!

What is a Village?

The village is a naturally generated structure in the overworld where villagers live in houses that match their profession. These villages can generate in the Desert, Plains, Sunflower plains, Mountain Meadow, Taiga, Taiga Hills, Snowy Taiga, Snowy Taiga hills, and the Snowy Tundra. Abandoned villages also sometimes spawn with Zombie Villagers in them.

A Village, with an Iron Golem

Depending upon the biome, the Villagers will be dressed in different clothing. Villages have a chance of spawning an Iron Golem for their defense which will attack you if you harm villagers. Villagers can be traded with and also farm foods that the player can consume (Farmers only).

How to Find a Village

There is a 50% chance of a village spawning in a 500 block radius from your spawn point and a 66% chance in the Bedrock Edition of the game. So when you spawn in a world, remember the location and travel 500 blocks in every direction, and you may find one.

If you don’t discover a Village, don’t worry, as you’ll encounter one pretty soon. Villages spawn very frequently and are even bigger and better than before, thanks to the recent 1.14 update. Sometimes Villages can even merge into one another, so finding a dual or a triple village won’t be that hard.

Villager Trading

The villagers in the village aren’t there just for cosmetic purposes; they are really productive and precious for the player. The villagers will trade with you and often give you really expensive and rare items in exchange for Emeralds.

If possible, always set up a trading area, as this will be really useful in the long run. Also, Villagers are crucial to building an Iron Golem farm that’ll replenish your Iron supply for free. Farmer Villagers will even plant Seeds for you.

Valuable Loot and Resources

Depending upon the profession of the Villager, you can get a lot of great deals. For example, if you have a surplus of Paper or Iron, you can trade that for gems, and from that, gems buy a lot of other items that will be needed in the game.

Tools and Armor can also be traded from a Villager. But the most valuable item that the Villager can sell has to be Mending books. Mending is the most coveted Enchantment in the game, and via trading, you can have a lot of them in a single go.

Raid Battles

The Villagers have an eternal enemy, the pillagers; they pillage everything in their sight and are keen on destroying any Village they come across. When a raid battle starts, you’ll see many dangerous mobs trying to kill Villagers, and you too. So be well prepared when going to face off against a raid.

Pillagers, who like to raid Villages!

These mobs will include Vexes, Vindicators, Evokers, Ravagers, and Witches. These raids are really hard, especially if you’re not skilled in combat; get ready to die many times in the Village. On successfully defeating a raid, you’ll be rewarded in the form of discounts by the Village people.

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