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Hat mods have always been popular in Minecraft, especially on multiplayer servers where you can collect them with friends. Over time, more and more hat mods have appeared, with each one offering some different themes and mechanics.

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First is Hats, which is one of the most popular Hat mods available. This mod used to be 1.12.2, but was recently made available for 1.16.5 too for Forge users. Included with the mod is over 200 hats, which don’t need to be equipped into any of your equipment slots. Obtaining them is easy too, as all the mobs and creatures in your world will spawn with these hats too. If you kill them, then you get the hat.

Villager Hats

Villager Hats is available to both Forge and Fabric users. Included with this mod is 7 different hats, with each of them having crafting recipes. These hats are designed to look like the ones worn by Villagers, and they have different themes. You can wear one to look like a Farmer, Librarian, Fletcher, Fisherman, Armorer, Shepherd or Butcher. You can also obtain these hats as drops from Baby Zombie Villagers.

Give Me Hats

Give Me Hats is available to Fabric users, and requires the Trinkets mod so that hats can be equipped into the Mask slot. These generate naturally in your world, with them mostly be found in Dungeon Chests. There’s lots of different themes to the hats, which are the likes of the Sailor, Russian, Space, Bunny Ears, Walrus, Golem Hat and more. But interestingly, the hats in this mod give special abilities. Like wearing the Sailor hat will increase your movement speed in a Boat, or how the Slime Hat makes you bounce when you land.

Useful Hats

Useful Hats is quite similar to Give Me Hats, with it adding lots of equippable hats which also give special effects. But this mod is available to those of you playing on Forge 1.16.5. Some of the hats included with the mod are the Bunny Ears, Mining Hat, Halo, Ender Helmet, Shulker Helmet, Straw Hat and more. Effects wise, if you have a Mining Hat equipped, then you can mine blocks faster, and the Chopping Hat will allow you to chop trees faster. The Wing Helmet will give slow falling, but every other hat gives effects too.

Propeller Hats

Propeller Hats is also for Forge, but has been updated to even work with the latest versions of Minecraft. To get started with this one, you’ll need to craft the hat using 3 Iron Ingots, 2 Redstone, a Redstone Torch and a Red, Green and Blue Wool. These hats need to be charged with Forge Energy, as they have a pretty interesting mechanic. When the hat is charged, the propeller will spin, allowing you to fly.

Pirate Hats

Pirate Hats only adds 3 hats into the game, but they look really good. These are the Pirate Hat, Sailor Hat and Eyepatch. They could be good for some different themed modpacks or world. They don’t have crafting recipes, as you can only find them in your game world instead.


Fedora is for Fabric, and hasn’t been updated in a while so it’s still on Minecraft 1.16.5. It’s similar to the first mod we mentioned, as mobs and entities in your world can spawn with these hats, who you’ll need to kill in order to obtain them. Currently, there are around 30 hats included with the mod, but it has excellent support for modding, allowing other users to create and submit their own hats.

The Masks Hats

The Masks Hats mod adds dozens of masks, which covers your players face. There’s lots of different designs, with some that look like emojis, mobs, Villagers, Golems, some players and more. There is some hats included too, which look like Welding Helmets, Ushankas and Caps. There’s so many different masks included, and they all have crafting recipes which you can see on the mod page.

Miners Helmet

A slightly different type of hat comes with the Mining Helmet. It’s craftable, and requires 3 Iron Ingots, 2 Leather and a Lantern. It actually has a great mechanic, as when you’re wearing the Mining Helmet, the area in front of you will light up, making it great for exploring Caves, or dimensions like the Nether. You could just hold a torch in your off-hand slot instead, but mods like this are a lot more immersive.

Hats Plus

Finally is Hats Plus. Currently, it includes 18 hats, 15 of which are regular, and the other 3 are rare. There’s a few interesting styles, like the Top Hat, Cap, Beanie, Turban, Crown, Welding Mask, Headband and Guard Hat. Most of them have crafting recipes, and you can see them all on the mods recipes page, or by using a mod like Just Enough Items. 

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