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There are plenty of HUD mods available, all which do something different. In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular and best HUD mods currently available, for both Fabric and Forge users.

HUD stands for ‘Heads Up Display’, and is about elements that are visible, or show up on the screen at certain times. We’re going to be looking at maps, compasses and more.

This is one of many of our Minecraft Mod Lists. You can see some more for different themes here on our website. Or check out the PwrDown YouTube Channel, where we constantly talk about the latest and best mods. 

Advancement Plaques

Advancement Plaques is one of my favorite mods right now. In Vanilla Minecraft, when you complete an advancement, a small window pops up on the screen. It looks quite simple and boring. Whereas this mod introduces a new popup, which has some nifty sounds and animations, making the experience more rewarding. There’s even some texture packs that can be downloaded to change their appearance, giving them a more medieval or sci-fi themed design.

Advanced Compass

Advanced Compass will add a Compass to the top of your screen, which is reminiscent from many RPG games. It shows the direction you’re facing, as well as any nearby mobs, but it’s highly configurable. You can change the settings so that the Compass is only visible if you’re holding a Compass, if one is in your inventory or enabled at all times. This is one of the better Compass mods available, and also allows you to set custom waypoints with icons.


Mods like WTHIT (What the Hell is That) are incredibly useful, although I prefer Jade for Forge. It adds a small tooltip to the top of your screen, when hovering over items like blocks. You’ll have some information displayed, like the name of the block, what mod it’s from, and even its current state. On the image above, you can see that hovering over the Furnace block allows me to see what’s happening inside.

Inventory Hud+

Inventory Hud+ adds lots of new elements to your screen. The first is the Armor Hud, which can be found either side of your hotbar. It displays all the items you’re wearing, as well as their durability, number of arrows and number of free inventory slots. There’s also the Inventory Hud, which allows you to display your entire inventory on the screen at once, and better potion timers. Obviously, this mod is also very configurable, so you can change the positions and scale of elements easily.

Xaero’s Minimap

Xaero’s Minimap is extremely popular, amassing over 23 million downloads so far. You might not spot it at first on the image above, but it adds a small minimap to the corner of your screen, which displays your coordinates underneath by default. There’s lots of functionalities, like making it a circle, opening a larger map, setting waypoints or showing all the entities and dropped items around you. You can access all the settings by pressing Y in-game.

GUI Clock/Compass

So this is actually 2 mods, but I didn’t want to separate them as they have similar functionality and would take up one of our spots! With GUI Compass installed, the direction you’re facing, as well as your current coordinates will be displayed on the screen when a Compass is in your inventory. Likewise, the GUI Clock can show the world time, real time and Minecraft day when a Clock is in your inventory. There’s lots of configuration options available for both mods which are worth looking into.


RPG HUD will completely transform the appearance of your game, with lots of new interface elements being visible which make it look like an Adventure/RPG game. One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is that your Health and Hunger bars can be seen in the top right corner, instead of above your hot bar. All the items you have equipped, as well as their durability will also be visible at all times. Other features include a Compass, inspection, Clock & Compass widgets and more.

ToroHealth Damage Indicators

With ToroHealth Damage Indicators installed, you’ll be able to see the health of an entity by hovering over it. When you hover over something, the name of the creature, as well as its health will be displayed in the top corner of your screen. You’ll also be able to see the amount of damage you deal, thanks to hit markers. But by changing the config file, you can also enable in-game health bars that appear above entities.

Travelers Titles

Traveler’s Titles is another HUD mod which makes you feel like you’re in an RPG. When you enter a Biome or Dimension, text will popup on the screen, showing that you’ve entered a new area. This mod supports all modded biomes, and comes with support for lots of Dimension mods, like the Twilight Forest and more. Unfortunately, this mod is only available for Forge users though right now.


A lightweight change to Hunger comes with AppleSkin. Firstly, when hovering over food items, you can see the amount of food and saturation it provides. When you hold a food item, your hunger bar will change to show the amount it will replenish if consumed, and you also get a permanent view of your saturation, to see when hunger will fall. 

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