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RPG stands for Role Playing Game, and typically involves a lot of progression, with tons to do and explore in your world. Some games in the RPG genre that you might be familiar with include Witcher, Fallout 4 and Skyrim. 

This list is going to take a look at some of the best RPG mods currently available for Minecraft, with the Forge mod loader. I chose 10 mods that are all updated for newer versions, so they’re all compatible together. 

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Waystones are new blocks which you can craft, or find naturally at some locations in your world, like Villages. They can be interacted with and named, which allows you to teleport between them. There’s a few other items which allow for teleporting, like Warp Scrolls and Stones. They really give the feeling that you’re in a magical RPG, but they’re incredibly useful to use anyway.

Travelers Backpack

It’s worth installing the Travelers Backpack mod, so you can carry more items when you’re on adventures. This is one of the best backpack mods by far, as there’s so much functionality. Firstly, the backpack doesn’t take up your chest slot, which is great on its own. But there’s also a built in Crafting Table, Sleeping Bag, Liquid Storage and even slots for your tools which appear on the bag. There’s a lot of different designs too, so that the backpack can look like some different creatures.

When Dungeons Arise

When Dungeons Arise is a really impressive dungeons mod, adding tons of locations to your Minecraft world. What’s different about this mod compared to others is the size of the dungeons, as they’re huge. The structures you’ll come across are really diverse too, with there being Temples, Airships, Castles, Houses, Campsites and more. As you can expect, there’ll be tons of loot to discover too, with most locations being filled with hostile enemies. You shouldn’t get bored exploring with this installed. 

Mystical World

Mystical World will add lots of new life to your world, in the form of creatures. It includes Owls, Deer, Lava Cats, Beetles, Frogs, Sprouts and more, all of which can be found in different biomes and dimensions. Some have different mechanics and interactions too, like Beetles which can sit on the players shoulder. You’ll also find some new ores, tools, food, structures, armor and decoration blocks. 

Antique Atlas

Antique Atlas changes how you explore and view the world around you. The Antique Atlas itself is a book which you can craft, and when you hold it, you’ll be able to see the surrounding areas. If you open the book properly, then you can see all of the areas you’ve explored, so that you never get lost. The map itself is in a hand-drawn style, which suits the RPG theme perfectly. In the Atlas, you can also set waypoints to save important locations. If you max out the Atlas, then you can just create a new one and combine them together.


Bountiful is a questing system. To get started with the mod, you’ll need to find a Bounty Board, which you can usually find in Villages. When you interact with it, you’ll find Bounties inside, which you can take to accept. These usually consist of challenges like obtaining a certain amount of blocks, or killing a type of mob a set number of times. If you complete the challenge, then you’ll receive some rewards in return. There’s some themes behind the bounties, which are called Decrees. If you need something to pass the time in-game, then I’d certainly recommend a mod like this.

Dungeon Crawl

Another dungeon mod is Dungeon Crawl, which is a successor to Roguelike Dungeons, a mod that’s only available on older versions of Minecraft. With Dungeon Crawl installed, you’ll find structures spawning on the surface, which often look like a house or tower. But as you head inside, you’ll find multiple floors of mobs to clear, with lots of rooms containing loot. Typically, the better loot tends to be on the bottom floor, but you might find yourself spending an hour or so clearing the entire thing, depending on how powerful your character is.

Valhelsia Structures

Valhelsia Structure will give you some new discoverable locations to stumble across. It includes Houses, Forts, Ruins and more, and is a pretty popular structure mod. If you do come across a house, they make a great location to settle down in, as they’re already furnished, and very well built. Installing a mod like this will hopefully stop your world from feeling so repetitive, and give you more variation.

Mowzie’s Mobs

Mowzie’s Mobs is another mod that will add new creatures, but these ones are hostile instead. They’re really impressive, as the modelling, texturing and especially animation work is really well done, and looks like it could have been created by Mojang themselves. Some of the creatures you might find are Barako the Sun Chief, who is surrounded by his Barakoa. The Ferrous Wroughtnaut, a large iron knight who stands guard underground. Or the Frostmaw, a giant Yeti-like creature which you’ll find sleeping in snowy biomes. But there’s a few other creatures too.

End Remastered

End Remastered is one of my favorite mods. With it installed, the process of finding the End Portal will be completely changed. There’ll now be 12 different Eyes of Ender in your world, which can all be obtained in different ways, like searching different structures, or killing certain mobs like the Wither. Only when you’ve found every eye will you be able to locate the End Castle or End Gate, a huge structure which holds the portal. The mod really forces you to explore your world, and go through the process of checking each structure, and not skipping certain fights.

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