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AquaCulture 2 is an expansion to Minecrafts fishing system, and a pretty large one at that. To start, it adds over 30 new fish to the game, which don’t just spawn anywhere. Instead, you’ll need to cast your fish out to different biomes.

Download AquaCulture 2

AquaCulture 2 is available for many versions of Minecraft, including some of the most popular modding versions like Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.12.2 and 1.16.5. At the time of this article, the mod was also available for the latest version (1.17.1) so it’s likely to stay updated for future releases.

The button above links back to the CurseForge page, where you can download AquaCulture 2. The PwrDown website supports mod creators, and recommends that you only download from CurseForge. Not only are you supporting mod creators, but you’re also ensuring the files you download don’t contain any harmful/infectious content.

AquaCulture 2 Fishing Rods

With the mod installed, you can still choose to use the Vanilla Fishing Rod to catch your fish. Or instead, you can use one of the new Fishing Rods included, which are made from Iron, Gold, Diamond and Neptunium.

The only difference in these rods is that they have increased durability. But the rods that are included with AquaCulture 2 can also be upgraded with Baits, Hooks, Bobbers and Fishing Lines inside of a Tackle Box.

Upgrading Fishing Rods

To upgrade a Fishing Rod, you’ll need to create a Tackle Box. It can be crafted from 5 Iron Ingots, an Iron Block, an [Ender Chest, Chest or Trapped Chest] and 2 [Green Dye, Kelp or Algae].

Tackle Box Recipe

When the Tackle Box has been crafted, place it down in the world. You can then right click it to open it, which will bring up an interface. 

Tackle Box window

On the right hand side, you can place your Fishing Rod, then in the other slots, add a Hook, Bobber, Fishing Line and Bait. When you remove your Fishing Rod, the upgrades will be applied.


  1. Bobbers: These float above the water, and they can be dyed different colors, similar to Leather.
  2. Fishing Lines: Just like Bobbers, these can also be dyed. Both are purely cosmetic items.
  3. Hooks: When applied to your Fishing Rod, they provide a chance for a Rod to not use durability on a catch.
  4. Bait: Increases your chance to catch a Fish, and might consist of Worms, Minnow or Leeches. Minnow and Leeches can be caught by fishing.

Neptunium Equipment

A new material that comes with AquaCulture 2 is Neptunium. It can be used in the creation of Armor, Tools and Weapons.

The Neptunium equipment, as well as ingots can be received by fishing. Neptune’s Bounty is a new rare drop from fishing, and when you open it, you have a chance of receiving these Neptunium. You can increase your chance of obtaining Neptune’s Bounty by having the Luck of the Sea Enchantment.

Set of Neptunium Armor

Neptunium items actually have bonuses of their own. Armor wise, the Neptunium Helmet will allow you to see better underwater. The Chestplate allows you to breathe underwater. The Leggings will cause you to fall when beneath the water, and the Boots will increase your swimming speed.

The Neptunium Pickaxe and Shovel don’t have a speed penalty when used underwater, whereas Swords and Axes deal extra damage. When arrows are fired from Neptunium Bows, their speed and trajectory is not impacted by water, and the Neptunium Hoe will keep blocks hydrated at all times.

Fish to Catch

The type of fish you catch are dependent on the biome you’re in.

FreshwaterSmallmouth Bass, Bluegill, Brown Trout, Carp, Catfish, Gar, Minnow, Muskellunge, Perch
AridBayad, Boulti, Capitaine, Synodontis
Arctic OceanAtlantic Cod, Blackfish, Pacific Halibut, Atlantic Halibut, Atlantic Herring, Pink Salmon, Pollock, Rainbow Trout
SaltwaterJellyfish, Red Grouper, Tuna
JungleArapaima, Arrau Turtle, Piranha, Tambaqui
SwampFrog, Leech, Box Turtle
Mushroom IslandBrown Shrooma, Red Shrooma
Twilight ForestStarshell Turtle

Cooking Fish

When you catch a Fish, it can’t be cooked straight away. Instead, you’ll need to craft a Knife. This can be done by placing a Stick in the bottom left corner of a Crafting Table. Then place a material in the middle slot, and the top right slot [Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond & Neptunium].

When you combine a Fish with a Knife in the Crafting Table, it will be turned into Fish Fillets. The amount you receive depends on the fish you catch. Fish Fillets can be placed inside of a Furnace or Campfire to get Cooked Fish Fillets in return, which are edible. Alternatively, they can be combined with Seagrass to create Sushi.

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