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AstikorCarts adds different Horse Carts, Plows and Wagons into Minecraft, which can be attached to your Horse. It makes transporting items, players and animals fast and efficient. But also allows you to quickly fertilize Grass.

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All the Carts included with the mod require a new item, and it’s a Wheel. Luckily, they’re really cheap and simple to craft, only costing a single Plank and 8 Sticks.

wheel recipe
Wheel Recipe

Even though the image above shows a Birch Plank, you can use any type, such as Oak, Acacia etc.

Animal Cart

The first type of Cart is the Animal Cart. It’s basically a Boat on wheels, and can carry 2 entities at once. So if you’re controlling the Horse, you could have 2 players in an Animal Cart, or a Sheep and a Villager for example.

animal cart recipe
Animal Cart Recipe

To craft the Animal Cart, combine 7 Planks with 2 Wheels in a Crafting Table, using the image above as a reference. You can simply push entities into the Cart, and they’ll go into it. By sneaking and right clicking on the Cart, all mounted entities will be removed.

Supply Cart

The Supply Cart can be used to carry all your items, as it has a double-chest inventory provided with it. You can access the Carts inventory by sneaking and right clicking it, and some items that you place inside the Chest will actually be rendered inside the Cart.

Supply Cart Recipe

There’s just enough room on the back of the Cart for a player to sit down as-well. You can craft the Supply Cart from 2 Chests, 5 Planks and 2 Wheels.


The Plow can be used to change the land that you ride over. When you sneak and right click the Plow, a window pops up which has 3 empty slots. You can fill these slots with Hoes, and it will turn Grass into Farmland. Or you can equip them with Shovels, which will turn Grass into Path Blocks.

plow recipe
Plow Recipe

There are 2 modes to the Plow, and you can activate it by right clicking the Plow itself, which will cause the tools to collide with the ground. You can craft the Plow using 2 Wheels, 3 Planks and 4 Sticks.

Connecting Carts

To attach a Cart to a Horse, you need to mount your Horse, and have it’s back part close to the Cart. You can then press the R key by default to connect them together, and press it again to detach.

Download AstikorCarts Mod

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1.9.4No Release
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1.18.1No Release

The links above go to the CurseForge page, where you can download AstikorCarts. The PwrDown website supports mod creators, and recommends that you only download from CurseForge. Not only are you supporting mod creators, but you’re also ensuring the files you download don’t contain any harmful/infectious content.

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