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Better End, officially spelt as BetterEnd brings a huge expansion to Minecraft’s End Dimension. It includes all new Biomes, Mobs, Structures, Mechanics and more, which almost feel like an official update in itself.

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New Biomes

Currently, Better End includes just over 20 new Biomes. These can be found spawning on End Islands, in the Void or in the Caves below. 

The Land Biomes include the Amber Land, Blossoming Spires, Chorus Forest, Crystal Mountains, Dragon Graveyards, Dry Shrubland, Dust Wastelands, Foggy Mushroomland, Glowing Grasslands, Lantern Woods, Megalake, Megalake Grove, Neon Oasis, Painted Mountains, Shadow Forest, Sulphur Springs and Umbrella Jungle.

In the Void, you can find the Ice Starfield. And Cave-wise, there’s the Empty Aurora Cave, Empty End Cave, Empty Smaragdant Cave, Lush Aurora Cave and the Lush Smaragdant Cave.

Ores & Minerals

There are 3 new Ore Blocks that you can find scattered around the End. You’ll want to check in the newly formed Caves, which can spawn in each biome type on End Islands.


There’s Thallasium Ore, which is quite common and light blue in color. When mined, you’ll receive Raw Thallasium, which can be turned into Thallasium Ingots.

Thallasium Ore

These have lots of uses, with them being quite common for decoration-like items such as Chains, Doors, Chandeliers and Bars, but they can also be used as an alternative to Iron Ingots in recipes like Buckets and Cauldrons.

Amber Ore

You’ll have a good chance of finding Amber Ores when searching in the Amber Land Biomes. If you choose to mine it, then you’ll receive Raw Amber. 4 of these can be placed inside a Crafting Table to turn them into a single Amber Gem. 

Amber Ore

Amber Gems have a few uses, which are more mechanical based compared to Thallasium. Crafting wise, they can be used in the creation of Eyes of Ender, or Amber Blocks which can either be used for decoration or to craft the Respawn Obelisk. But their main use is going to be for the Infusion Rituals.

Ender Ore

Ender Ore is the third and final ore block you’ll find included with Better End. It spawns in lots of biomes, and the colors look similar to the colors of an Ender Pearl, so look out for it.

Ender Ore

Break it, and you’ll receive Ender Shards. They’re required to create Ender Dust inside of an Anvil. But they’re also used in the Infusion Ritual to craft Eternal Crystals.

Eternal Rituals

You’ll occasionally stumble upon Eternal Rituals in the End. These are structures which look like Portals, and are surrounded with Pedestals. When they’re activated, they’ll allow you to travel back to the Overworld.

There’s a chance that the Portal will be broken. If it is, then you’ll need to craft Runed Flavolite during an Infusion Ritual. Make sure to check out the recipe using either Just Enough Items or Roughly Enough Items.

Eternal Ritual Portal

A portal will need to be surrounded with 6 Pedestals, and an Eternal Crystal should be placed on each one. When you do that, the Portal will ignite, and you can head on through. A Portal will also be created in the Overworld, which will allow you to get back anytime you want.

Infusion Rituals

Infusion Rituals allows you to turn items into something else. Mostly, you’ll be able to create different Enchantments, upgrade armor or create other items.

To get started, an Infusion Pedestal will need to be crafted. It requires 2 Obsidian, 2 Ender Pearls and an Eye of Ender. Place this down, and ensure there’s plenty of space around it, as we also need to create 8 more Pedestals.

Infusion Ritual Setup & Recipe

Craft 8 Pedestals (check REI/JEI for recipes). They’re really cheap, just costing 1 Block and 2 slabs. These need to be placed down, surrounding the Infusion Pedestal. There should be a 2 block gap between the Infusion Pedestal and regular Pedestals. Set them up like the image below, Glowstone isn’t necessary.

infusion table setup
Top View of Infusion Pedestal Setup

When the structure is complete, you can start doing your infusions. The main ingredient should be placed on the Infusion Pedestal last for the ritual to activate, or you can right click it. Other ingredients (catalysts) should be placed on the outer Pedestals.

Eternal Crystals

Eternal Crystals are required to activate Eternal Ritual Portals, which was mentioned in the previous section. They can be obtained in an Infusion Ritual. You’ll need to place an End Crystal on the Infusion Pedestal, and then 4 Aurora Crystal Shards and 4 Ender Shards on each of the 8 Pedestals.

Eternal Crystal Recipe

Aurora Crystal Shards can easily be obtained from the Crystal Mountains Biome. When you mine the Crystal Blocks, which are the bright ones, they’ll occasionally drop. Whereas Ender Shards can be mined from Ender Ore Blocks, which can be found in Caves.

Download Better End Mod

1.7.10No Release
1.8.9No Release
1.9.4No Release
1.10.2No Release
1.11.2No Release
1.12.2No Release
1.13.2No Release
1.14.4No Release
1.15.2No Release
1.16.5Fabric | Forge
1.18.1No Release

The links above go to the CurseForge page, where you can download Better End. The PwrDown website supports mod creators, and recommends that you only download from CurseForge. Not only are you supporting mod creators, but you’re also ensuring the files you download don’t contain any harmful/infectious content.

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