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Carpenter’s Blocks allows you to create some new and unique structures. Using a Chisel and Hammer, you can reshape blocks and apply textures to them, opening up a world of possibilities.

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Carpenter’s Hammer

The first tool is the Carpenter’s Hammer, which changes the properties of blocks. Carpenter’s Hammers can be crafted from 3 Iron Ingots and 2 Carpenter’s Blocks.

When you right click a block while holding the Hammer, you’ll alter its properties. As an example, using it on the Carpenter’s Slope will change the style of it, as well as do rotations. Whereas using it on the Pressure Plate will change its Redstone properties, such as what will trigger it.

Carpenter’s Chisel

The other tool provided by the mod is the Chisel, and it changes the appearance of blocks. It can be crafted from a single Iron Ingot and a Carpenter’s Block.

When you left click a block while holding a Chisel, you’ll carve a pattern into it. By sneaking and left clicking, you can clear the pattern.

Download Carpenter’s Blocks Mod

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