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Mystcraft is a mod which allows you to travel to different worlds, which are otherwise known as Ages. You can create your own books, which contains symbols, determining the type of world you will travel to.

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Create an Ink Mixer

There’s a few items you’ll need to craft to get started with Mystcraft, with the first being the Ink Mixer Block. It’s quite cheap to craft, costing 5 Stone, 2 Planks and a Glass Bottle.

ink mixer recipes
Ink Mixer, and Ink Vial Recipe

Inside it, you’ll need to place Ink Vials. Each of these can be crafted using 2 Ink Sacs, a Glass Bottle and a Bucket of Water, returning a single Ink Vial. It also requires Paper, which can be crafted from 3 Sugar Cane.

ink mixer interface
Ink Mixer Interface

The Ink Mixer will allow us to create Link Panel Pages. Place your Ink Vials in the top left slot, and Paper in the slot below. In the interface, the middle area will fill with Ink, and a Link Panel Page will be created in the bottom right slot, which you can collect. 

Book Binder

You’ll also need to craft a Book Binder, which is where you can create Books to teleport to other dimensions and worlds. It only requires 5 Wood Planks and 3 Iron Ingots in a Crafting Table.

book binder recipe
Book Binder Recipe

Once crafted, place it down and interact with it. In the top left slot, add some Leather, which is used as the cover for your Book. Then, add a Link Panel Page which should have been created in the previous step to the large grey area, and add a name in the top box.

book binder usage
Inside the Book Binder

In the right slot, you will see a Descriptive Book, which is what you receive in return. It will allow you to enter a new dimension already, but you shouldn’t, as you’ll be trapped. We need to create a way to return to the Overworld first.

Linking Books

Craft a Linking Book, from 1 Leather and 1 Link Panel Page. The book will be grey, and unlinked. To activate it, just right click the ground while holding it in the Overworld.

Linking book recipe
Linking Book Recipe

Keep this safe, and make multiple. It’s also a good idea to make Book Stands, which keep Books safe. When you travel between dimensions, the books don’t travel with you, they stay behind. If they’re in your inventory, they’ll drop to the ground, and potentially take damage.

Book Stand and Recipe

Book Stands are the best way to keep books safe, and each one can be crafted with 2 Sticks and a Plank. You can then just add your book to it by right clicking it.

Dimension Traveling

Now that we have our Descriptive Book, Linking Book and Bookstands, you’re ready to travel. Interact with the Descriptive Book which you should have placed down already, and press the square on the Link Panel Page to teleport.

Inside the Book

You’ll be taken to a new dimension, or an Age. It might be a friendly place to explore, or it might be hostile, hitting you with debuffs. Make sure to place a Bookstand down with your Linking Book, so that you can return to the Overworld at any moment.


As you progress through the mod, you can explore different Ages, and start designing your own. Inside an Age, there’s a chance of finding Temples, which look like small libraries. These have a few Symbols to collect, which each have different properties.

Inside a Temple, with Pages

Alternatively, you can search the Archivists house at a Village, as they contain a few Symbols too. Combine these inside the Book Binder to start building your own Descriptive Age, which has features you may or may not like. 

Download Mystcraft Mod

1.8.9No Release
1.9.4No Release
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The links above go to the CurseForge page, where you can download Mystcraft. The PwrDown website supports mod creators, and recommends that you only download from CurseForge. Not only are you supporting mod creators, but you’re also ensuring the files you download don’t contain any harmful/infectious content.

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