Minecraft: More Villagers Mod Guide, Download & How to Use


MinecraftMinecraft ModsMinecraft: More Villagers Mod Guide, Download & How to Use

More Villagers introduces more Villagers into your Minecraft world. They can spawn naturally, or you can give the Villagers these new professions using the blocks that the mod introduces. 

Download More Villagers

More Villagers is available for just some of the latest versions of Minecraft, which includes Minecraft 1.16 and 1.17, so 1.12.2 users are out of luck here. With this still being a new mod, it’s likely that it will be updated for any future versions of Minecraft too.

The button above links back to the CurseForge page, where you can download More Villagers. The PwrDown website supports mod creators, and recommends that you only download from CurseForge. Not only are you supporting mod creators, but you’re also ensuring the files you download don’t contain any harmful/infectious content.

Workstation Recipes

  1. Blueprint Table: 4 Wooden Planks, Blue Dye, Paper.
  2. Decayed Workbench: 4 Warped Planks, 2 Nether Bricks
  3. Forestry Bench: 2 Leaves, 2 Planks and 2 Logs
  4. Gardening Table: 4 Planks, 2 Flowers
  5. Hunting Post: 2 Logs, 1 Arrow, 1 Leather
  6. Oceanography Table: 1 Barrel, 1 Paper, 1 String
  7. Purpur Altar: 4 End Stone, 2 Purpur Blocks
  8. Mining Bench: 2 Stone, 1 Iron Pickaxe, 1 Raw Iron


The Oceanographer sells ocean and aquatic related item, and requires the Oceanography Table. The table can be crafted using a Barrell, String and a piece of Paper.

Trade LevelWantsGives
114 Prismarine1 Emerald
12 Emeralds4 Sea Lanterns
214 Prismarine Bricks1 Emerald
24 Emeralds2 Sponges
312 Dark Prismarine1 Emerald
313 Emeralds1 Buried Treasure Map
43 Emeralds1 Nautilus Shell
48 Emeralds1 Heart of the Sea
532 Emeralds1 Trident


Trade LevelWantsGives
124 Basalt1 Emerald
11 Emerald10 Nether Bricks
224 Blackstone1 Emerald
24 Emeralds1 Quartz Ore
34 Obsidian1 Emerald
313 Emeralds1 Nether Fortress Map
44 Gold Ingots1 Emerald
414 Emeralds1 Bastion Remnant Map
520 Emeralds1 Pigstep Music Disc


Trade LevelWantsGives
16 Oak Saplings1 Emerald
11 Emerald6 Oak Logs
16 Birch Saplings1 Emerald
1Emerald6 Birch Logs
26 Spruce Saplings1 Emerald
21 Emerald6 Spruce Logs
26 Dark Oak Saplings1 Emerald
21 Emerald6 Dark Oak Logs
36 Acacia Saplings1 Emerald
31 Emerald6 Acacia Logs
36 Jungle Saplings1 Emerald
31 Emerald6 Jungle Logs
41 Emerald6 Warped Stem
41 Emerald6 Crimson Stem
517-31 Emeralds1 Diamond Axe (Enchanted)
517-31 Emeralds1 Diamond Hoe (Enchanted)


Trade LevelWantsGives
124 Endstone1 Emerald
14 Emeralds3 End Rods
220 Popped Chorus Fruit1 Emerald
25 Emeralds1 Phantom Membrane
314 Ender Pearls1 Emerald
33 Emeralds8 Firework Rockets
46 Emeralds2 Dragons Breath
414 Emeralds1 End City Map
520 Emeralds1 Shulker Shell
520 Emeralds1 Dragon Head


Trade LevelWantsGives
120 Redstone1 Emerald
14 Emeralds3 Repeaters
212 Redstone Torches1 Emerald
23 Emeralds3 Droppers
24 Emeralds1 Dispenser
34 Redstone Lamps1 Emerald
34 Emeralds1 Observer
35 Emeralds1 Comparator
45 Emeralds1 Piston
46 Emeralds1 Sticky Piston
55 Emeralds2 Daylight Sensors
57 Emeralds1 Hopper


Trade LevelWantsGives
124 Lillypads1 Emerald
13 Emeralds1 Honey Comb
21 Emerald8 Random Flower
21 Emerald8 Random Flower
324 Vines1 Emerald
36 Emeralds1 Honey Bottle
43 Flower Pots1 Emerald
413 Emeralds1 Swamp Explorer Map
56 Emeralds1 Bee Hive
514 Emeralds1 Jungle Explorer Map


Trade LevelWantsGives
132 Bones1 Emerald
15 Emeralds2 Slimeballs
224 Spider Eyes1 Emerald
25 Emeralds1 Fermented Spider Eye
320 Gunpowder1 Emerald
35 Emeralds1 Magma Cream
45 Emeralds1 Blaze Rod
413 Emeralds1 Outpost Explorer Map
58 Emeralds1 Ghast Tear
58 Emeralds1 Rabbit’s Foot


Trade LevelWantsGives
120 Deepslate1 Emerald
11 Emerald15 Calcite
215 Raw Copper1 Emerald
212 Raw Iron1 Emerald
310 Raw Gold1 Emerald
31 Emerald2 Amethyst Shards
450 Torches1 Emerald
413 Emeralds1 Mineshaft Explorer Map
517-31 Emeralds1 Diamond Pickaxe (Enchanted)
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