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Mowzie’s Mobs introduces some new creatures into Minecraft, which have different abilities and items. It’s a very impressive mod, as it has flawless animations and sounds, and doesn’t feel out of place at all. Some mobs are just regular hostiles, whereas some are bosses.

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The Barakoa wear masks on their face, and can often be found roaming in packs throughout the Savanna Biome. They use a variety of weapons, like Bone Clubs, or Poisonous Darts which can be used from a distance. 

Barakoa in the Savanna

There’s a few different variants, with them possibly having a leader, who is the Barakoana. They’ll all attack the player on sight too, so make sure to be careful. The Barakoa are pretty easy to kill, and when you do so, they can drop their masks.

They include the Mask of Bliss, Faith, Fear, Fury, Misery and Rage. When the player equips these, they’ll receive effects like Strength, Haste, Swiftness and Jump Boost.

The Barakoa Tribe have a boss, and he’s called Barako, the Sun Chief. Barako is a large mob, sitting upon a throne inside of Barakoa Villages, which you can find in Savanna Biomes. 

Barako the Sun Chief
Barako the Sun Chief

He can use the power of the sun to attack you, calling down different abilities like Solar Flares, Sunstrikes and Solar Beams, so you want to avoid these Villages until you’re strong enough to attack.

If you’re able to defeat Barako, then you’ll receive his Sol Visage Mask as a drop. By equipping the Sol Visage, you’ll get some special powers. Firstly, by equipping the Sol Visage, and then right clicking while holding another Barakoa Mask, you’ll summon Barakoa’s who will follow and fight for you. Later on, you can right click followers to remove them, returning the mask to you.

Ferrous Wroughtnaut

Located deep underground is the Ferrous Wroughtnaut, found defending a Chamber. They’re large armored knights, who will attack you as you get close, so be careful. With their large axe, the Ferrous Wroughtnaut can kill anyone unprepared in a single swing.

The Ferrous Wroughtnaut

If you try to swing back, you might notice that you’ll deal no damage. There’s only one way to damage the Ferrous Wroughtnaut, and it requires patience. Wait for the Knight to swing the axe above its head, until it’s jammed in the ground.

For just a few seconds, the Ferrous Wroughtnaut will struggle to remove its axe from the ground. In those crucial moments, you need to go behind the knight, and attack it from the back. The Diamond Sword lodged in its back should give you a clue.

You’ll only be able to get a single hit in, but it should deal a good amount of damage. Just keep repeating this process until you eventually kill it.

When you do kill the Ferrous Wroughtnaut, you’ll receive the Axe of a Thousand Metals and Wrought Helm drops. With the Axe, you can right click while holding it to deal damage in an arc. While holding SHIFT while right clicking will allow you to deal a shockwave, knocking enemies up. Neither of these items will break either.


Frostmaws are large yeti-like creatures, which you can find living in Minecrafts snowier biomes. When you do encounter one, you’ll likely find them sleeping, and unless you’re ready for a fight, it’s better to not disturb them.


Like other creatures included with Mowzie’s Mobs, the Frostmaw is going to be difficult to defeat. Mainly because it has high amounts of health and damage, with some special abilities. If you attack it, or walk too close, Frostmaw will wake up and start the fight.

There’s a few ways of killing Frostmaw, with one of the best by using range, or lava. Once you kill Frostmaw, you’ll receive the Ice Crystal, which allows you to channel an Icy Whirlwind attack while holding the right mouse button.

Frostmaw is holding the Ice Crystal in its hand while it sleeps. So if you don’t want to fight, you can consume an Potion of Invisibility, simply walk up and take it without the risk of waking Frostmaw up.


The Foliaath is a plant creature, that can be found on the floor of Jungles. When you first come across them, they’ll look inconspicuous, as they’ll appear as just ferns. When you get close, their heads will pop out, and attack anything nearby in quick succession. 


If you kill a Foliaath, then there’s a chance you’ll receive Foliaath Seeds in return. Every day or two, you’ll want to feed it meat. But be careful, grown Foliaaths aren’t tamed, and they can still attack you.

Download Mowzie’s Mobs Mod

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The links above go to the CurseForge page, where you can download Mowzie’s Mobs. The PwrDown website supports mod creators, and recommends that you only download from CurseForge. Not only are you supporting mod creators, but you’re also ensuring the files you download don’t contain any harmful/infectious content.

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