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Storage Drawers gives new ways to store your items, keeping them within an arms reach and without the need to open any inventories or containers. There’s different sized containers available, as well as some different styles. It’s one of, if not the best Storage Mods available for Minecraft.

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Storage Drawers Recipes

Storage Drawers can be made from the following types of Wood: Acacia, Birch, Dark Oak, Jungle, Oak and Spruce. So each of the Vanilla Woods currently available in Minecraft.

There’s also 3 different sizes to Storage Drawers. These are 1×1, 1×2 and 2×2. These values represent the number of item types the drawers can hold in each block.

The recipes are pretty simple, and only require Wood Planks and Chests. There’s also the option to craft Half Drawers, which are only half the size of a full block instead, and just require swapping out the Planks for Slabs. Remember, you can swap out the Planks for any other style.

Using Storage Drawers

The mod is relatively simple to use. When a Drawer is empty, you can hold an item and right click the Drawer slot to deposit the items in your hand. If you want to withdraw items instead, then just left click the Drawer slot. You can withdraw full stacks of items by crouching while left clicking a Drawer. 

Storage Drawers Sizes

A single Drawer can only hold 1 item type. As an example, if you craft a 1×1 Drawer, it can only store Diamonds, you wouldn’t also be able to place the likes of Dirt or Emeralds inside too.

Each type will be able to hold a different amount of an item too. These are as follows:

  • 1×1 Drawer: 32 Stacks
  • 1×2 Drawer: 16 Stacks
  • 2×2 Drawer: 8 Stacks
  • 1×1 Half Drawer: 16 Stacks
  • 1×2 Half Drawer: 8 Stacks
  • 2×2 Half Drawer: 4 Stacks

So if you have tons of Dirt, it might make sense to place them all inside a 1×1 Drawer, as it holds the most number of stacks. For more rare items like Diamonds, Emeralds, Lapis and Redstone, you could place them into a 2×2 Drawer if you have less than 8 stacks of each. But, their sizes can be further increased with upgrades.

Storage Drawers Upgrades

Storage Drawers can receive upgrades, with them having 7 upgrade slots in total. You can access them by crouching and right clicking a drawer.

Each upgrade requires an Upgrade Template in its Crafting Recipe, which costs 8 Sticks and any Drawer block. The carousel above shows the recipe for each upgrade, and we’ll list what they do below.

  1. Conversion Upgrade: Auto-converts compatible items.
  2. Illumination Upgrade: Illuminates drawer labels in the dark.
  3. Max Redstone Upgrade: Emits signal for most full slot.
  4. Min Redstone Upgrade: Emits signal for least full slot.
  5. Redstone Upgrade: Emits signal for total storage.
  6. Storage Downgrade: Reduces base storage to a single stack.
  7. Storage Upgrades (I-V): Increases storage by (2, 4, 8, 16, 32)x base value.

Download Storage Drawers Mod

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1.18No Release

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