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Tektopia provides a huge expansion to Villages in Minecraft. Not only is their appearance changed, but all their mechanics too. Villagers now have real jobs, they’ll get tired, require functioning homes and more. It turns Minecrafts Villages into their own management and simulation game.

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Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with TekTopia is by finding a Minecraft Village that naturally spawns. They’ll be transformed to the new style of Village provided with the mod, as well as its inhabitants who now look more human-like.

TekTopia Villagers
Villagers in TekTopia

Every Village has a Town Hall, which is the heart of a Village, and it won’t function without one. The Town Hall is indicated by an Emerald Structure Marker, and contains the Architect and Tradesman NPCs, who will sell you new Professions or Structure Markers.

Alternatively, you can start your own Village from fresh by creating a Town Hall Structure Marker. Place a Diamond in the middle slot of a Crafting Table, and surround it in a single Iron Hoe, Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe and Iron Sword.

Structure Markers

Structure Markers are important markers used by your Villagers to know what each structure is. They don’t have crafting recipes, as they can only be obtained from the Architect inside the Town Hall using Emeralds.

structure marker on a building
A 6 Bedroom Structure Marker

The image above shows 2 buildings, with each one having a 6 Bedroom Structure Marker. That means that a maximum of 6 Villagers can sleep inside, provided it has space.

If the Structure Marker wasn’t there, then the Villagers would simply ignore the buildings, and possibly have nowhere to sleep. Whenever you plan to use a Structure Marker, it must be placed on the block adjacent to the buildings door, and be inside of an Item Frame. Otherwise again, Villagers won’t recognize it.

You’ll know if a Structure Marker is working as it will have a purple glow. It’s also worth noting that you can’t just go hunt for Villages and take all their Structure Markers back to your own, as they’re bound to that Villages Town Hall, and won’t work in yours.

Villager Professions

There’s lots of Villager Professions available, which determines their role in the Village. You can buy Professions from the Tradesman, located in the Town Hall using Emeralds. After obtaining a Profession, you can right click a Nitwit (unemployed Villager) to give it to them.

town hall
Architect & Tradesman Inside the Town Hall

Currently, there’s quite a lot of professions to collect. These are:

  1. Bard: Wonders around the Village playing music to Villagers, which increases their overall happiness.
  2. Blacksmith: Will craft new equipment for your Villagers, such as Tools and Armor.
  3. Butcher: Butchers animals in the Village, providing both meat and other animal drops. 
  4. Chef: Can create lots of different foods depending on the ingredients available. Works well with Farmers/Butchers.
  5. Cleric: Can heal any Villagers, and bless them which gives them a temporary increase in stats.
  6. Druid: Uses Magic to replenish ores for Miners, or will grow Crops/Trees in the Village.
  7. Enchanter: Enchants any available items for your Villagers to wear or use.
  8. Farmer: Will constantly plant Crops, and grow them to provide food for the Villagers.
  9. Guard: Patrols the Village, mostly keeping them safe from Zombies. Equip these with Armor and Weapons.
  10. Lumberjack: Chops down nearby Trees to collect Wood, which is always required to craft Tools.
  11. Miner: Can be setup to dig out a long tunnel, collecting any ores as they go.
  12. Rancher: Takes care of animals in the Village, and harvests them for items like Wool.
  13. Teachers: Raises the intelligence of Children when teaching classes, which helps them once they reach adulthood and gain professions.

Villager Structures

As previously mentioned, Villagers won’t function properly without the appropriate structures. For example, Villagers without a home will lose a lot of happiness out of time, causing them to barely do their jobs.

storage room
The Storage Room

Simply having a Villagers like the Rancher isn’t enough, as they require the Rancher Pen to work. There’s a lot to know about structures. They need to have floor space and a roof to start. Some structures even have their own requirements, like the Library which requires Bookshelves.

A non-structure is Farmland, which should just be an area of tilled soil which is fertilized with nearby water. Farmers will look for Farmland, so they know where to plant Crops. You should surround the area you want Farmers to work in a border, as they’ll constantly use a Hoe on any touching Grass Blocks.

Structure Types

The current structures included with TekTopia are:

  1. Barracks: A place for Guards to rest and train. Requires up to 10 Beds and Armor Stands.
  2. Butcher: Where the Butcher will harvest animals from the Ranching Pen. Include a Crafting Table to allow the Butcher to create Leather Armor.
  3. Guard Posts: When setup, Guards will patrol between each post, giving them a path.
  4. Homes: Used to house Villagers. They should have the same amount of Beds as displayed on the marker. More space per Villager in a home will increase their happiness.
  5. Kitchen: Chefs will go to work here, and will require Crafting Tables and Furnaces. The more Furnaces they have, the faster they work.
  6. Library: Villagers will come here in their free time to read, which increases their intelligence level. A Library needs Bookshelves, and the Enchanter works here.
  7. Merchant Stalls: When the Merchant visits, they’ll hang out at the stall instead of wandering about the Village if you choose to build it.
  8. Mineshaft: Miners will dig here, and will require a 1×2 opening below the Structure Marker so they know where to start.
  9. Rancher Pens: Animals will be stored here, with each animal having their own Pen and Structure Marker. They also use Fence Gates instead of Doors.
  10. School: Children will come to the school to learn, alongside the Teacher. The school requires Chairs for the Children to sit in. 
  11. Smithy: The Blacksmith works here to create Armor and Tools. It requires a Crafting Table, Anvil and Furnace.
  12. Storage Room: They should contain Chests for Villagers to store all the items they gather/create. It should also contain a Crafting Table to allow Villagers to craft Wooden Tools.
  13. Tavern: Gives Villagers a place to relax after work, and requires Chairs for Villagers to sit in. Increases the happiness for your Villagers.

Other Mobs

Occasionally, your Village will get Villagers, and maybe some that you don’t want.


You might find Necromancers visit as the Village population grows. Their power level is also determined by the size of your population, and they can spawn either day or night.

The Necromancer

Necromancers will summon the undead, like Zombies and Husks who will enter the Village to attack. Or they can harvest the souls of animals to increase their damage absorption.

You’ll have to try and defeat the Necromancer yourself, before they wipe out the Village. Make sure your Guards are well equipped, and any Iron Golems can also help. If you don’t want the Necromancer to spawn, then rotate the Town Hall Structure Marker inside the Item Frame.


Nomads are simply visitors. They might arrive each day, and look around the Village to see what it’s like. If you want, you can recruit them by using a Profession token on them. They’ll leave at the end of the day.


Always keep an eye out for Merchants. They’re good to trade with, as you can sell items your Villagers have collected for Emeralds. With these Emeralds, you can then go and buy more Structure Markers or Profession Tokens.

Merchant in a Village

They’ll visit everyday, and you can build the Merchant Stall to give them a place to stand, instead of wandering throughout the Village.

Mod Mechanics


Over time, a Villagers Hunger bar will drain. You can see it at any time by right clicking a Villager to open their management window. The easiest way to restore Hunger would be for a Villager to eat food, which you can place inside Chests in the Storage Room.

They’ll help themselves whenever they’re hungry. Through automation, Villagers will eventually be self-sustaining. Having Farmers grow Wheat, and Chefs turning it into Bread will keep them satisfied. Or growing crops like Carrots, Potatoes or Beetroot. 


You can also monitor the Happiness of a Villager by right clicking them. If a Villager becomes unhappy, then they won’t work as hard, often walking round slowly and in a slump.

The Bard

Some ways of increasing Happiness include socializing in the Tavern, which you should build. Placing a Chair inside a Villagers home is also a great option, as it gives them a place to relax. Alternatively, you can give them a large enough home to wander around in. Try to get a Bard too, as they can spread happiness when playing music. Eating a variety of foods is also a great help.

Download TekTopia Mod

1.7.10No Release
1.8.9No Release
1.9.4No Release
1.10.2No Release
1.11.2No Release
1.13.2No Release
1.14.4No Release
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1.18.1No Release

The links above go to the CurseForge page, where you can download TekTopia. The PwrDown website supports mod creators, and recommends that you only download from CurseForge. Not only are you supporting mod creators, but you’re also ensuring the files you download don’t contain any harmful/infectious content.

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