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Tinkers Construct is one of Minecrafts most popular mods. And in this guide, we’re going to show you how to get started with installing and playing it. Overall, Tinkers Construct is quite an advanced mod which allows you to create huge varieties of tools and armor.

The tools and armor items which you can create and later be upgraded, modified and repaired to however you wish, making them highly customizable. Some unique modifiers include extra durability, mine in larger areas, faster speeds and much more.

You can read our guide below for downloading and installing Tinkers Construct. We’ve covered many more Minecraft Guides and Mod Guides here at PwrDown.

Downloading & Installing Tinkers Construct

To download Tinkers Construct, you should already have the Forge Mod Loader installed. If you don’t, you should follow our Forge 1.12.2 installation guide. Once you have Forge installed, follow these steps to install Tinkers Construct:

  1. Head to the Tinkers Construct downloads page on CurseForge.
  2. On the right hand side of the page, press the download button (next to R) for Minecraft 1.12. A .JAR file will begin to download.
  3. You’ll need to do the same for the Mantle Mod, which is a requirement for Tinkers Construct to work. If you can’t find the 1.12.2 version of Mantle, click ‘Files’ on the CurseForge page, then you should see it.
  4. Head to your Minecraft directory. The easiest way would be to open Minecraft > Options > Resource Packs and hit the ‘Open Resource Pack Folder’ button. From there, just go up one directory so you’re in the default Minecraft directory.
  5. Next, open the mods folder. If it doesn’t exist, then you need to run Minecraft with the Forge preset selected at least once.
  6. Drag and drop the Tinkers Construct and Mantle JAR files we downloaded before into the mods folder to install them.
  7. Restart Minecraft with Forge in order to load the Tinkers Construct mod and start playing.

How to Play Tinkers Construct

Tinkers Construct is a very in-depth mod, and will require a lot of learning. If you haven’t already, you should watch some YouTube tutorials, or the game wiki.

materials and you
The Materials and You Book

Though when you start up a new game with the mod installed, you will have a book in your inventory called “Materials and You”. This book will basically act as an encyclopedia which you can constantly refer to. Inside the book, you will find an introduction to Tinkers Construct and sections Tools, Tool Materials, Bow Materials, Modifiers, the Smeltery, Seared Furnace and Tinker Tank.

But for now, one of the first things you should start working on is the Smeltery. This will allow you to process ores and begin the creation of new tools and armor which are much better than Vanilla items. Head on over to the Smeltery page, and read through to find out everything you need.

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