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The Traveler’s Backpack is probably Minecrafts best backpack mod. It offers so many more features than similar mods, such as built in fluid tanks, sleeping bag, crafting table and slots for tools. There’s lots of different designs to choose from too.

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Traveler’s Backpack Recipe

To craft the Traveler’s Backpack, you’ll need 4 Leather, 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Chest, 2 Backpack Tanks and a Sleeping Bag. Obviously, the Backpack Tanks and Sleeping Bag aren’t included in Vanilla Minecraft.

travelers backpack crafting recipe
Recipe to Craft the Backpack

You can craft the Backpack Tanks by placing Glass Blocks in a H shape in a Crafting Table (similar to Ladders), and placing an Iron Ingot in each remaining slot, which there are 2 of. Whereas for the Sleeping Bag, place 2 Red Wool next to eachother inside the Crafting Table, with a White Wool on the end.

Wearing the Traveler’s Backpack

One of the best features about this mod is that you can actually wear the Backpack, instead of it just sitting in your inventory like other mods. When you do wear it, the Backpack will appear on your back, for yourself or other players to see.

equipped backpack
Backpack, Visible on the Players Back

To equip the Traveler’s Backpack, hold it in your hand and right click to open the inventory of the Backpack. In the bottom left corner is a button, which will place the Backpack on your back when you click it.

If you want to unequip the Backpack at any time, it’s simple. Just press B by default, which should open up the Backpack. If that doesn’t work, check your control settings. When the Backpack is open, there’ll be a button in the bottom left corner once again, which return it to your inventory.

Fluid Tanks

On each side of the Backpack is a Fluid Tank, with there being 2 in total. In more modern versions of Minecraft, they can only be used to store fluids like Water and Lava.

Each tank can hold 4 Buckets worth, which should save you quite a few Iron Ingots in the long run. For users who are playing on older versions, like 1.12.2, they’ll be able to store Potions inside Fluid Tanks too. 

fluid tanks with lava and water
Fluid Tanks, Carrying Water and Lava

To store liquids inside the Fluid Tanks, press B to open the Backpacks inventory. The slot in the top-left and top-right of the interface will accept Buckets of Lava and Water. You’ll be able to retrieve the Empty Buckets, so that they can be reused.

You can remove the liquids the same way. When you place an Empty Bucket in these slots, they’ll be filled instead.

Sleeping Bag

Another great feature is that the Traveler’s Backpack has a Sleeping Bag, so you can skip the night no matter where you are. When you sleep in it, your spawn point won’t be changed either, so you won’t have to worry about that.

backpack with sleeping bag
The Sleeping Bag, Deployed

The Sleeping Bag can only be deployed when the Backpack is on the ground. So first, you’ll need to have the Traveler’s Backpack on your Hotbar. If you’re wearing it, press B to open the inventory, and press the button in the bottom left to remove it.

Now to place it down, hold SHIFT so that you’re sneaking, and right click the ground. The Backpack will be resting on the ground. When you right click it, the inventory will open, and the Sleeping Bag button will be visible in the bottom left corner.

Sometimes, the Sleeping Bag won’t deploy if there’s obstacles nearby. So make sure there’s some free blocks infront of the Backpack, like on the image above.

When you’re ready to pack the Sleeping Bag up again, just right click the Backpack and press the button. You can then go ahead and re-equip the Backpack by sneaking and right clicking it again, which will send it straight to your back.

Tool Slots

The Tool Slots inside the Backpack will save some space on your Hotbar, and make some visual changes to the Backpack itself. Inside the Backpack, there’s 2 slots in the bottom left corner, which are green in color.

In these slots, you can place tools like Swords, Axes, Pickaxes, Shovels and more. They’ll then appear on the Backpack in the game world, like they’re strapped to it.

backpack with tools
Tools Hanging From the Backpack

But the most important mechanic comes in when you’re also holding a tool in your hand. When you hold the Z key and move your mouse wheel, your tools will cycle through the Backpack. It essentially gives you 3 tools while only using a single hotbar slot.

Using The Hose

Going back to the built-in Fluid Tanks, you can also use a Hose. You’ll first need to craft a Nozzle from 2 Iron Ingots, a Lever and a Gold Ingot. Then combine that with 4 Green Dye to create the actual Hose.

hose crafting recipe
Crafting Recipes For a Hose

Hold the Hose, and right click to connect it to one of the 2 tanks on the Backpack. You can see which Tank is selected in the bottom right corner, as it will have a white border. You can alternate between the tanks by pressing the N key. There’s also 3 different Hose modes, and you can switch between them by holding down Z and moving the mouse wheel while the Hose is in your hand.

The first mode is Suck, which can suck up any fluids from the game world or other compatible tanks. Spill Mode can be used to take liquids out of the Backpack Fluid Tanks, and spill them in the world. And the Drink Mode can be used to directly drink the contents of a Tank, which is probably better for when they contain Potions.

Backpack Styles

Finally, you can start looking at the design of the Backpack, and how it will appear in your Minecraft world. Your first option is to just take the Regular Backpack and apply a Dye to it, which will allow you to change the color.

backpack styles
Different Backpack Styles

Alternatively, you can make them look like some different creatures instead. They can be turned into designs that feature Pigs, Cows, Wolves, Foxes, Bats, Chickens and even Villagers. Or they can be made to look like Iron, Emerald, Redstone and more.

You’ll need to install the Just Enough Items mod to see all the recipes. As there’s too many to post here, because they’re quite complicated too.

Download Traveler’s Backpack Mod

1.7.10No Release
1.8.9No Release
1.9.4No Release
1.10.2No Release
1.11.2No Release
1.13.2No Release
1.16.5Forge | Fabric
1.17.1Forge | Fabric
1.18.1No Release

The links above go to the CurseForge page, where you can download Traveler’s Backpack. The PwrDown website supports mod creators, and recommends that you only download from CurseForge. Not only are you supporting mod creators, but you’re also ensuring the files you download don’t contain any harmful/infectious content.

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