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Scaffolding is a relatively new block in Minecraft, added in 1.14. It’s quite complex too, which is why we’ve put this brief guide together which will show you how to make Scaffolding, use it and break it.

Players have always wanted Scaffolding, as it’s a common and useful block in modpacks. With it, players can easily ascend and descend in Minecraft at fast speeds without taking damage.

We’ve covered more content like that at PwrDown, where you can check out our Minecraft Guides. We created this guide during Minecraft 1.16, so some things could be different if you’re playing on newer or previous versions of Minecraft.

How to Make Scaffolding

Scaffolding is simple to make in Minecraft. All you need is 6 Bamboo and 1 String. Place 3 Bamboo in the left and right columns, then the String in the top center slot of a Crafting Table. In return, you’ll receive 6 Scaffolding.

recipe for making scaffolding
Scaffolding Recipe

String is easily obtainable from Spiders or Cobwebs. Bamboo might be a bit harder to come across, as it spawns in Jungles which is one of Minecrafts rarest biomes. 

Using Scaffolding

Scaffolding is an interesting block, as it’s unique and no other block really works the same. Start by placing a single piece of Scaffolding on the ground. You can then add multiple scaffolding on top to make a tower by simply interacting with the side of the block while holding some in your hand.

climb scaffolding
Climbing Scaffolding

To climb up, you need to walk into the Scaffolding so your Minecraft character is standing in the middle. Then just hold the Jump button (Space-bar) on PC to begin climbing. You can stop at each level, with your character standing in the middle of the Scaffolding.


When you want to climb down from Scaffolding, simply stand on top (or inside of it) and hold down the Sneak button to start descending. Once at the bottom, you can break it by destroying the bottom block. 

Similar to Cactus, all pieces above will break and can be collected.

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