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Slimes are a hostile mob in Minecraft, and will attack the player on site. They’re highly sought after by players for the Slimeballs they drop, which is used in a few important recipes.

They have an interesting mechanic, where when a Slime dies, it will multiply into smaller Slimes multiple times. 

In this Minecraft Guide, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about Slimes. We’ve covered many more detailed Minecraft Guides just like this one too.

How to Find Slimes in Minecraft

Slimes are incredibly difficult to find in Minecraft, and likely the rarest mob you will come across. You can find Slimes by searching ‘Slime Chunks’, which spawn below a height level of 40.

slimes underground
Slimes, naturally spawning underground

Slime Chunks are essentially just chunks where Slimes are allowed to spawn. They can spawn anywhere throughout your Minecraft Overworld, except under Mushroom Island Biomes. Unfortunately, Slime Chunks have a very low spawn rate, with them being in around 10% of all Minecraft Chunks. So you’ll have to do a lot of searching to find Slimes.


There’s also a chance for you to find Slimes inside of Minecraft Swamps, specifically between height levels of 50 and 70. There are a few conditions that need to be met though.

Firstly, the light level of the area will need to be below 7 at least. This number can be much lower, and is completely random. The brightness of the moon will also matter, with Slimes having the highest chance of spawning on a full moon, and no chance on a new moon.

What do Slimes Drop in Minecraft

Slimes only have one drop, and that’s Slimeballs. You can increase the number of Slimeballs dropped by applying the Looting Enchantment to your sword. At the maximum level of looting, you can receive up to 5 Slimeballs per drop.

Slimeblocks, which can only be made from Slimes

Slimeballs have a few uses which are important. They are used in the recipes for Leads, Magma Cream, Slime Blocks and Sticky Piston. Magma Cream is used to create Fire Resistance potions, and Slime Blocks can be used as a bouncing-type block.

About Slimes

Slimes move by hopping and bouncing through the Minecraft world. If they spot the player within a 16 block radius, Slimes will immediately become hostile and attack. They even have the ability to climb ladders and quickly travel through water.

Be careful, because Slimes hit pretty hard, even when wearing armor. When you attack a large Slime, it will repeatedly break down into smaller Slimes. Only these smaller ones will drop Slimeballs.

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