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Top 50 Minecraft Texture Packs of the Month – 1.17.1 November 2021


A lot of great texture packs where released in November 2021. With it being so close to Halloween, a lot of spooky themed packs were released. But also with the growth of Squid Game in October, a few Squid Game packs inevitably came out.

This post is going to look at 50 of the best Texture & Resource Packs released over the past month. I tested all of these on Minecraft 1.17.1, but that doesn’t mean they wont work on older versions.

Instead of filling the post with links, I’ve compiled them all into this document here.


Another Brick themed pack was recently released, and this ones called BrickCraft. The 64x resolution version of this pack is available for free, but you’ll need to subscribe to the developers Patreon for the higher resolution versions. While it doesn’t have LEGO branding anywhere, it’s very reminiscent of that style, and lots of work has been done so far. I love how plants look in this pack, but it also includes textures for lots of mobs which have a similar blocky appearance!

Cute Azalea Boats

Cute Azalea Boats will make a really nice change to Boats. Now, they’ll have a roof made from Leaves, which would go great in tropical themed packs. The pack also makes small changes to the textures and model of the Boat itself, with them having slightly more detail.

Detailed Bunk Beds

Detailed Bunk Beds will change the design of Beds, so that they’re now a lot more 3D, with the supports, mattress and pillows all looking like separate objects. But as the name suggests, beds can be placed on top of eachother to connect them, allowing you to make some great looking bunk beds.

Mushroom & Amethyst Tools

Mushroom & Amethyst Tools replaces the texture of your Gold, Diamond and Netherite Tools. They don’t look like their materials anymore, as they look like they’re made from Red Mushrooms, Brown Mushrooms and Amethysts.

Realistic Grass

Realistic Grass does exactly what you’d expect, it implements new grass textures which appear above Grass Blocks. There’s so much detail, and the pack is available in 1024x resolution for free, but you’ll need to sign up to the developers Patreon for any higher resolutions. I love how it looks, but you might feel a performance hit rendering this much at once.

Frosted Elytra Wings

Frosted Elytra Wings transforms the textures of the Elytra so they’re much colder, and actually look like Wings. They’re pretty cool, but they kinda look like they could be Glow Squid Wings too.

Witch Rework

Witch Rework really improves Witches, giving them a lot more detail. Instead of having a 2D texture, it now looks like they wear full detailed outfits, and you’ll also spot them carrying a Potion Bottle on their hip, and a Broom on their back. Though the best change comes to the Witches Hat, which now has a mouth and is animated. A Witches Cat is also given its own Hat, which is a cute feature.

Boat Cars

Another pack to change Boats is Boat Cars. With it being common to use Boats on Ice as a quick way of traveling, switching them to cars makes sense. Each material of a Boat is turned into a different color car, and I’m quite surprised at how good it looks!

Updated Minecarts

Instead, you can switch up Minecarts with the Updated Minecarts pack. Instead of just being a generic grey box, Minecarts have a more rustic and realistic appearance to them, with them now being made of both Wood and Metal instead.

Squid Game Mask

If you’re a fan of Squid Game, then you might like the Squid Game Mask pack. It replaces the Carved Pumpkin texture when it’s equipped in your head slot, so your player will be wearing a mask like one of the workers, in this case it is a square.


Bone changes all your hostile mobs, so that they look like their Skeleton, giving them a spooky theme. They won’t look like the Skeleton mobs, instead they look like their flesh has been ripped off, with the shape of each mob still being visible. As you can see on the image above, the Creeper even has a block of TNT in its stomach.

Spooky Chickens

There’s also Spooky Chickens, which adds some different Chicken variants. Now, they’ll look like they’re wearing the masks of some hostile creatures, which looks pretty cute.

Minecraft Frogs

Minecraft Frogs will introduce Frogs, which we’re going to get in the Wilds Update next year. With this pack installed, some Rabbits in your world will have a chance of spawning as these Frogs, to give you a sneak peek.

Better Gold Vanilla+

Better Gold, Vanilla Plus reworks the textures of Gold items in your world. It includes Gold Ingots, Tools, Armor and Foods. They’ll have more detail, and should look more shiny.


Willo’s is a realism type pack, which will eventually change everything in the game. Currently, it’s the most downloaded pack of the month, and for good reason. The textures look great, and mesh together nicely. Right now, the pack is available in 64x resolution, but the developer hopes to make higher versions eventually.

Gleam Things

Alternatively, there’s Gleam Things, which is a lightweight 16x resolution pack which brings a vibrant and cartoon style to Minecraft. I think this pack would go great in a fantasy RPG world. Most blocks aren’t complete yet, so just walking through your world, you might not notice a lot of changes. As right now, it seems the pack has focused on equipment, tools, foods and other items over blocks. But either way, I’m looking forward to the future of this pack.

Celestial Tools

Celestial Tools will change your Diamond Sword and Tools, giving them a more magical theme. Each item will be a different color, so they do lose their consistency, but all your other tier of items will remain the same. The pack also switches up Diamond Ores and Diamonds to match.


You can try out some options from the Mob Vote, starting with the Allay. It will replace the textures of the Parrot. No mechanics or sounds are changed, so you’re really only getting a preview. And if you place the Allay on your shoulder, it will revert to the Parrot. With Allay being declared the winner of the vote, you’ll see this creature added in 1.19.

Copper Golem

There’s also the Copper Golem, another creature from the vote. If you install this pack, then the textures of Chickens will be replaced instead.


Finally, there’s the Glare, which came in third place on the vote. If you wanted to see what this creature might have looked like in-game, then just install this pack, which replaces the model of Bees.

Witch Hat

You change just the Black Cat using the Witch Hat pack, which you might prefer to changing the Witch as well.

Axolotls Remastered

Axolotls Remastered changes all 5 of the Axolotl textures. Some of them now have themes, like the Pikalotl, who looks like Pikachu, or the Enderlotl, which looks like it could be from the End Dimension. The other 3 make it look like a Grass Block, or just Red or Blue colored.

Axolotl of Undying

You can also change the Totem of Undying, so that the texture and sound of the Totem are changed to look more like the Axolotl.

Halloween Paintings

To keep up with the Halloween theme, you can also try out the Halloween Paintings pack. It will replace quite a few Vanilla Paintings, while also making them twice the resolution, so you can see more detail. Some of the paintings include Ghosts, Witches, Skeletons, Pumpkins, and some even have animations.


Another realism based pack is Optimum, which comes in a few different resolutions. Like some other packs, the 128 resolution version is free, and anything higher is available from Patreon. The detail on a lot of these blocks are incredibly high, and they’re supposed to replicate their real life counterparts. There’s also some special features, like how bananas will grow inside of Jungles. You might struggle with a pack like this on lower end hardware.

Skeletal Dripleaf

If you have access to Lush Caves and Dripleafs, then you’ll like this next pack. It changes the Dripleaf Blocks, so that they now look like a Skeletal hand, reaching from the ground. Each piece of Stem from the Dripleaf will be an extra bone, with the Leaf itself being a hand.

Biome Variations

Biome Variations add more variants of mobs and blocks, depending on the biome they spawn in. As an example, Skeletons and Zombies that spawn in Jungles will look mossy, like they’re covered in plants. Or if you go to snowy biomes, they’ll be frozen instead. Stone Blocks that you place down in a Desert will also look different, with them now having parts covered in Sand. 

Halloween Pack

This Halloween pack adds lots of holiday related items, which you can achieve by renaming Paper in an Anvil. It includes items like Pumpkin Bowls, Candies, Ghosts, Zombie Villager parts, Plushies and more. When you rename the Paper, you’ll need to place your items inside an Item Frame to display them in your world, and you can also rotate them.

Doors But Cuter

Doors, but Cuter redesigns all of Minecraft’s doors, except the Acacia version. They’ll retain their colors and basic style, with the biggest change being the cutouts on the doors. There might be Hearts, Stars or just circular holes in doors, which give them a bit more character.

Pink GUI

Pink GUI will make a lot of your interface elements pink in color, which you might like the look of. You’ll notice changes in the main menu, your hotbar, your inventory, and other similar elements.

Pink Enchant

There’s also Pink Enchant. Any items you enchant will now have a pink glint and flashing effect, instead of the purple one that you’re used to in the vanilla game.

Tool Go+

Tool Go Plus starts with a retexture of all your equipment, ranging from Wood to Netherite. Each texture has received small changes, with items like Wood and Stone looking more unreliable, with pieces being tied together. But there’s also changes to the Spyglass, which looks like it’s made from Copper, as well as other items like the Clock, Compass, Buckets and more.

World War 1 Add-On

The World War 1 add-on adds lots of war related content, which is done by renaming existing items. By renaming your armor items, you can give them British, French, German and Ottoman themes. Whereas the Crossbow and Bow are turned into weapons like the Lee Enfield, Lewis Gun and C96. It’s a pretty impressive pack, and it also includes new melee weapons, grenades, blocks and even aircraft.

Villager Go+

Villager Go Plus improves on Villagers, as well as the Iron Golem. The textures of Villagers are changed, so that they look more detailed, but their hands should now be visible too. Whereas model wise, they should now have visible ears. The Iron Golem looks very different, with it now having a much wider body, with its eyes hidden.

Space Station Textures

Space Station Textures introduces lots of textures which would be great for a science fiction themed world. The textures are all quite minimal in style, so it does kinda match the Among Us style. With it enabled, your world looks a lot colder in color, and you’ll notice that creatures like Villagers are wearing breathing gear. Most of the interfaces are changed to match the style of the pack, and some blocks are given mechanical themes to them, with some even having animations. I feel like this pack would be better for creating a game mode or modpack, vs a survival playthrough.


Connectibles change the textures of lots of blocks when they’re placed together. It just opens up some new choices when it comes to designs, as the outlines will be removed. Some other smaller changes are made, like to Logs which have extended rings, or Prismarine which can be turned into Bricks.

Cloudy Elytra Wings

Cloudy Elytra Wings will give your Elytra a white fluffy cloud-like texture instead. It looks nice, and also has a replacement for the broken Elytra.

Autumn Texture Pack

To get into the fall spirit, try out the Autumn Texture Pack. A lot of your foliage should be replaced, making them more orange in color. Your light sources will be changed too, giving them more of an orange tone, which acts like mood lighting. But you’ll notice changes in lots of places, like even the Enchanting Table.

Shrimp Salmon

Shrimp Salmon replaces the texture of Salmon in your world with Shrimp instead. It’s just another pack which introduces a new creature, but the mechanics will still be the same. 

Squid Game Pack

For something bigger than just masks, there’s the Squid Game Pack. Armor is switched up, so that you can dress as a Worker, the Frontman or a Contestant. Some mobs are changed, as Skeletons, Creepers and even Squids will be textured to look like workers. With Cookies, they’ll look like the Honeycomb Cookies from the show, and using Optifine, you can rename them to change the shapes.

Pumpkin Improved GUI

Pumpkin Improved GUI changes how the world appears when you’re wearing a Carved Pumpkin. Instead of your vision being blocked, you’ll see the outline of a Pumpkin instead, making them more viable to wear.

Pumpkin Reimagined

Pumpkins Reimagined improves regular Pumpkins, Carved Pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns. The biggest change you’ll notice is that the face of Carved Pumpkins has a few different variants. The same goes for when they’re turned into Jack O’Lanterns, with them also having more animated faces.


With Hats Plus, you can rename Carved Pumpkins and wear them to try on lots of different hats. You can wear items like Moustaches, Axolotls, Buckets, Glasses, Villager Noses, Wolf Ears, Headphones and alot more.

Tailored Hats

There’s also Tailored Hats, which adds Ocean themed hats instead. Just like Hats Plus, you’ll need to rename a Carved Pumpkin to turn it into the Fishermans Hat, Sailors Hat, Captains Cap, Pirate Hat and a few others. There’s 10 hats in total.

Torches Reimagined

Torches Reimagined starts by adding a new fire animation to Torches, which looks so much better than the Vanilla Torches. The model and texture of the block itself is improved too, and when you place them on the wall, they’ll be placed inside a wall mount.

Prismarine Trident

Prismarine Trident makes some interesting changes to the Trident, with it now having a lot more detail, and looking more 3D. It kinda looks like a futuristic version of the weapon, which comes from an advanced species.


What replaces the texture of this weird creature, which has the head of a Villager. I don’t know where this might be useful to you, but who knows.

Transport Go+

Transport Go+ introduces some new models for Boats and Minecarts, adding more details like fishing nets and damage to the bottom of Boats. Some textures are also changed to transport related items like Rails, the Elytra and Striders.

Decoration Go+

Decoration Go+ instead focuses on lots of important blocks. You should be able to notice that changes are made to Crafting Tables, Furnaces, Brewing Stands, Cauldrons, Chests and more. Like similar packs from the Go series, they aim to make the blocks have more details, giving a more immersive experience to your world.

Natural Lanterns 3D

Natural Lanterns 3D changes the model and texture of regular Lanterns and Soul Lanterns. Instead, they’ll now look like Wooden boxes that have small plants inside, being lit up from the lantern above.

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