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Minecraft Village Raid Guide


Raiding is a new event that was added in Minecraft 1.14, which was dubbed the Village & Pillage Update. With it, we saw new mechanics, Villager professions, trades and new enemies who will want to raid and destroy Villages.

It’s up to you on whether you want to defend these Villages. Doing so will often give some positive rewards, including plenty of loot. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Raids in Minecraft. Including how to start them, and most importantly, how to win. We’ve also covered many more detailed Minecraft Guides which we’re sure will be helpful to you!

What is a Raid in Minecraft

Raids are Minecraft events, which happen when waves of hostile mobs will spawn and attack a Village. These mobs will mostly consist of Pillagers, Vindicators, Ravagers, Witches and Evokers. Their sole aim is to destroy all Villagers, as well as their beds.

Raids consist of multiple levels, with each one being more difficult than the last. The difficulty you are playing on will determine the number of waves, with easy having three waves, normal having five waves and hard difficulty having seven waves.

village defense
Iron Golem Defending a Village

Completing a Raid can prove to be valuable, as you’ll often receive free gifts from the Villagers, as well as discounted trades. Although they certainly aren’t recommended if you don’t have good gear.

How to Start a Raid in Minecraft

You can manually start a raid by entering a Village with the Bad Omen effect which can be obtained by killing a Raid Captain. These Captains can be found in Pillager Outposts, Woodland Mansions or in Patrols.

pillager attack
Pillagers and Ravager Attack

If you want to remove the Bad Omen effect, then you can simply drink milk to remove it. The Raid Captain is easily identifiable as they’ll be carrying a banner on their back. Having multiple levels of Bad Omen when a raid starts will increase the chance for enemies to have enchanted weapons.

How to Win a Village Raid

When a raid starts, a boss bar will be visible at the top of the screen which will indicate how many enemies are left for that current wave. At the start of each wave, a horn sound will play and Villagers will ring the bell to warn each other to stay inside.

Illagers will spawn just outside the village boundary, and you’ll have 15 seconds to prepare between each wave. It’s a good idea to bring enchanted armor and weapons. Another good strategy is to lock Villagers inside their homes, as they will stay safe that way while you try to defeat any Illagers. Building multiple Iron Golems can also help with defending a Village.

Can’t Find Illagers?

Sometimes, the Boss Bar will say that some enemies remain, even though you can’t see them. If you are on Java Edition, you can ring the Village Bell. This will cause all enemies to glow, and even be seen behind blocks, allowing you to easily find them.

How to Stop Minecraft Raids

There are a few ways that Raids can end in Minecraft. Firstly, there has to be a winner. If all beds are destroyed, or Villagers killed, then the Illagers will win and burst into celebration. Alternatively, defeating all of the Illagers in the final wave will cause you to win. In which case, Villagers will celebrate by setting off fireworks and giving you the ‘Hero of the Village’ effect. 

If you want to end a Raid manually, then you can go ahead and try destroying all the beds in the Village. This will cause the Illagers to win, but your Villagers will at least come out alive. Setting your game mode to peaceful can also cause all hostile mobs to de-spawn. 

Finally, you can simply walk away. After around an hour of a Raid with no progress being made, it will end itself. Although any alive Illagers will remain around and will still need to be disposed of.

What is Hero of the Village

The Hero of the Village effect will allow you to get discounted trades from Villagers. At level one, you’ll receive a discount of 30 percent, with the maximum level of five giving a 55 percent discount.

hero of the village
Hero of the Village Effect

Players on Java edition will also receive gifts from Villagers while the effect is active, with rewards including tools, armor, food and more.

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