Top 20 Best Texture & Resource Packs for Minecraft 1.18.2


MinecraftMinecraft Resource PacksTop 20 Best Texture & Resource Packs for Minecraft 1.18.2

Minecraft 1.18.2 was recently released, bringing some minor changes to the game. It’s likely that this will be the final version, before the eventual release of Minecraft 1.19, the Wild Update.

This list is going to cover some Texture and Resource Packs which can be used on the latest version. All of these packs are relatively new, being released over the past month or so.



Heritage adds lots of new models into Minecraft, which can be created by renaming Vanilla items, and then placing them inside an item frame. Packs like these are great, as they give access to the likes of furniture, without having to install mods.

The developer of this pack has even created a fancy looking catalog, and I can tell a lot of work has gone into the pack. Items that can be placed down include Tables, Chairs, Desks, Piano Benches, Vases, Screens, Wall Clocks, Jewelry Boxes and more.

The texturing work is beautiful, and I’m sure many of you will enjoy this pack. Because the items are placed in item frames, you can also rotate them however you’d like.



Urban will make Minecraft look hyper-realistic. It’s available in high resolutions, but these are locked behind the developers Patreon. Without Patreon, you can use the 128 times resolution version.

Some of my favorite changes come to blocks like Grass and Leaves, although the new Amethyst Crystals look great too. This is shaping up to be a great pack, and one of the better options under the realism theme.

Axolotl Hats

Axolotl Hats adds some new hats, which can be obtained by renaming a Carved Pumpkin, and then placed on the player’s head. They come in 6 different colors, which are Blue, Pink, Gold, Green, White and Brown. Although you can also display them inside item frames, for decoration.

Enhanced Enderman

The Enderman is changed massively with this resource pack. Depending on the Biome they spawn in, an Enderman will have a different design, and my favorite has to be the Nether variant, which has an orange glow.

They’re also lot scarier in general, and feel like they’re straight out of a fantasy-themed game. Some have horns too, which add further variation, and they look great, especially during the night with their emissive textures.

Remodeled Wood

Remodeled Wood focuses on Trees, and the first change comes to Spruce and Birch Leaves, which should be more easily distinguishable with their new colors. Birch is orange, and Spruce has a blue tint.

Birch Wood also looks a bit different, with it having a very slight pink tint to the blocks. The same goes for Jungle Wood, which is more green instead, and would fit well in a Swamp biome.

All Saplings have been given overhauls to look like Azalea Saplings, so they’re more 3D. If you head to the Nether, Warped and Crimson Trees have been given some emissive textures. And the biggest change of all comes to Leaves, which are given a bushy appearance.

Enhanced Boss Bars

You can change the appearance of the Ender Dragon and Wither Boss Bars with this pack. They look a lot better than the Vanilla Boss Bars, and have small details to represent each boss, like Nether Star icons. These would go great in any world type.

Books to Letters

Books to Letters will let you change the name of Books in an Anvil. That way, they can be turned into 20 different letter styles. You can use this pack with friends, and for the ultimate immersive, use it with mods that add mailboxes.

The letters have designs that make them have Frog, Love, Death, Flag, Fox themes and more. So you can write using a Book and Quill, sign it, and turn it into a Letter.

DSWG Weapons

You can now rename a Bow or Crossbow, to turn it into 9 different weapons.You can make the likes of Rocket Launchers, Snipers, Pistols, Rifles and more. Arrows have been turned into Bullets, and the weapons have some reload animations.

Or they can just be displayed on the wall of your base. If you get the full version of this pack from Patreon, then there’s over 50 weapons.

Prominent Mobs

I love how Prominent Mobs looks. When hovering over a Spawn Egg, you will see a pixel art graphic of the creature that it spawns. They look really professional, and this pack definitely has me itching for a Pixel art styled Minecraft game.

Chests to Pouches

With Chests to Pouches, the texture of Chests that are placed on an animal will be changed. Now, the likes of Llamas and Donkeys will look like they’re carrying Leather Pouches instead, which is a nice improvement. The textures of your  regular Chests will remain untouched.

Magic Bookshelves

Magic Bookshelves will add close to 50 variants to the Bookshelf block. Your libraries and Enchanting Rooms should be improved, as they wont be so repetitive anymore. Bookshelves feature Candles, Alchemical Ingredients, Skulls and more. Though unfortunately, you need to disable Connected Textures in Optifine for it to work.

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun, otherwise known as FITS, makes some minor changes. The pack is designed to revisit Minecrafts textures, and give them a more vibrant look, which is definitely noticeable in-game. Especially when looking at the likes of Grass Blocks, or different Crops.

Although some blocks look a bit more rustic too, like Planks, which really help achieve the country style. You don’t have to worry about this pack changing the game too much, as it still feels like Vanilla Minecraft, just improved.

Bonnie Bunny

Another pack I mentioned last month was Glamrock Freddy ‘n Friends, a pack which adds Five Nights at Freddy creatures to your world. An add-on was released this month, which adds Bonnie the Bunny.

You can obtain Bonnie by renaming an Iron Golem, and he has some cool facial animations, but looks great in general. It’s worth installing if you’re using the original pack.

Branched Leaves

A new Navila Pack was released, and this one places what looks like a Bush inside of Leaf Blocks. They’re brown in color, and are intended to give structure to trees, so that they look like branches. But the developer does recommend a powerful computer for this pack.


Its Smooth is a work in progress pack, with a very small amount of blocks currently being reworked. But as you can see, it gives the textures a very minimalist, and smooth appearance, like they’re from an old retro game.

The developer aims to have every block be made up of 3 colors or less. So if you like the look of this pack so far, make sure to follow the developers progress.

Stardew Farm Pack

Another pack to change textures is the Stardew Farm Pack. It changes the textures of farming and food items, like Melons, Pumpkins, Apples, Bread and more, so that they look like they do in the Stardew Valley game. I might reference this texture pack again soon, for a video I’m currently working on.

Refurbished Ender Dragon

You can install Refurbished Ender Dragon to update the final boss fight. The model has been changed, so that the Dragon looks a bit chunkier, and there’s holes in its wings. The textures are changed too so that there’s more detail, and less flat textures.

Veggie Villagers

Veggie Villagers is very well made, and will change the textures and models of Villagers into different vegetables, depending on the Biome they’re in. For example, in a Plains Biome, they’ll look like Potatoes. In a Desert, they’ll look like Cactuses. And in Savannahs, they’ll look like Carrots.

But there’s even more variants, like Pumpkin, Mushroom, Chilli and Eggplant. They’re pretty cute, and have different outfits and equipment which makes them all unique. Zombie Villagers are also changed, and the developer has further plans to change Pillagers.

All Natural

All Natural focuses on nature, and the first change you’ll notice is that Grass and Leaves are a lot bushier, with them looking more dense. If you head to a Birch Forest, then you’ll find that it’s been turned into a Cherry Blossom Grove instead.

Vines have been changed too, as they look bushy, and actually really suit their new look. Some extra changes come to Flowering Potatoes, denser Sugar Cane and more.

FNAF Totem Plushies

Five Nights at Freddy’s Plush Totem pack allows you to rename the Totem of Undying. They can be turned into Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy.

They’re still able to be used like a regular Totem of Undying in your off-hand slot, but you can also place them inside of Item Frames to display them.

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