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GamingTinkers Construct: Smeltery Guide for Minecraft 1.16.5

This guide is going to cover everything you need to know about creating the Smeltery, when it comes to Tinkers Construct for Minecraft 1.16.5. The process of creating a Smeltery is massively different compared to Minecraft 1.12.2.

Parts of this guide aren’t compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2, so we’ve covered that in a separate post which you can find here. You might also enjoy our collection of Tinkers Construct Guides for Minecraft 1.16.5.

What is a Smeltery?

The Smeltery is incredibly useful, with the first reason being that you can double the amount of Ingots you receive from a single Ore Block. So with Silk Touch, you can collect Diamond Ore Blocks, and turn each one into 2 Diamonds when placed in a Smeltery.

It’s also useful for allowing you to mass-smelt Ore Blocks. In this guide, we’re going to create a relatively small Smeltery, but it’s still able to smelt 18 Ore Blocks at once, massively increasing both speed and efficiency.

They’re also good for holding multiple metal types at once, as well as creating alloys which can later be turned into different tools and armor.

Required Materials

This guide is pretty in-depth, and requires lots of different materials. Through each step, I’ll tell you what’s required, but if you’d like to know beforehand, you’ll require approximately:

  1. 6 Glass Blocks
  2. 167 Seared Bricks – Made from 167 Grout – Made from 84 Clay Balls, 84 Sand & 84 Gravel
  3. 7 Copper Ore Blocks
  4. Coal to fuel the Melter
  5. Buckets of Lava to fuel the Smeltery

Create A Melter

Before you can create a Smeltery, you need to create a Melter, which is basically a mini-Smeltery. If you already have a Melter, then skip ahead to the next step, were we begin creating a Smeltery.

The Melter is required to create a Smeltery Controller, as this block is inaccessible without a Melter. To create a fully functional Melter, you’ll need 27 Grout (to be turned into Seared Bricks), 5 Glass and some Coal for fuel. We’re also going to make some Copper, which is required in the Smeltery.

Create Grout

The Smeltery & Heater are both structures, and they’ll need to be built. To start, you’ll need to create Grout Blocks. There are 2 ways of crafting Grout, and both recipes will require Sand, Gravel and Clay. 

tinkers construct grout
Grout Recipe

8 Grout can be created from 4 Sand, 4 Gravel and a Block of Clay. Or 2 Grout can be created from a block of Sand, a block of Gravel and a Clay Ball. Red Sand can also be used in the recipes in-place of regular Sand.

You’re going to need to collect a lot of Grout for a full Smeltery. But for a basic Melter, you need to collect 27 Grout. Once you’ve collected 27 Grout, place it inside a Furnace to turn them into 27 Seared Bricks.

Build the Seared Heater

The first component required in a Melter is the Seared Heater. It’s what’s used to provide fuel to heat the Melter, in the form of Coal.

Seared Heater Recipe
Seared Heater Recipe

Use 8 of your 27 Seared Bricks to create the Seared Heater, using a crafting pattern similar to a Furnace. Use the image above as a reference, and you should be left with 19 Seared Bricks.

Build the Seared Melter

The next required block is the Seared Melter. It requires 5 Seared Bricks, as well as a Seared Fuel Gauge. This block is where you deposit your materials, and they’ll be turned into their Molten versions.

tinkers construct smelter recipe
Melter Recipe

The Seared Fuel Gauge requires 5 Glass (can be standard Vanilla Glass Blocks) and 4 Seared Bricks. After creating the Seared Fuel Gauge, combine it with 5 more Seared Bricks to create the Seared Melter, shown on the image above.

Out of the original 27 Seared Bricks, you should now be left with 10, after constructing both the Melter and Heater.

Craft the Seared Casting Basin and Faucet

The final two items you’ll need are the Seared Casting Basin and a Faucet. The Casting Basin is what your molten metals will be poured into, and they’ll be deposited out of a Faucet.

basin and faucet recipe
Basin and Faucet Recipes

Place 3 Seared Bricks in a Crafting Table, similar to the layout of a Bucket to receive 2 Faucets in return. With your final 7 Seared Bricks, use them to create the Seared Casting Basin. You now have all the required components to create a Melter!

Assemble the Melter

To assemble the Melter, first place down the Seared Heater in a location of your choosing. Above it, place down the Seared Melter. Place the Seared Casting Basin adjacent to the Seared Heater, and make sure the Faucet is placed on the Seared Melter, and resting above your Casting Basin.

A Functional Melter

The Melter should look like the image above, except a little darker. You’ll need to place Coal inside the Seared Heater, and Ore Blocks, Ingots or Nuggets in the Melter above it. For now, we can leave the Melter as it is, and start creating the Smeltery.

How to Make a Smeltery

If you have a fully functioning Melter which looks like the image above, then we can start creating a Smeltery. It’s a relatively similar process.

Craft the Seared Bricks

For the base material of the Smeltery, we’re going to use Seared Brick Blocks. These require Grout again, which we created when we built the Melter (and the recipes can be found above). Every Seared Brick Block can be created from 4 Seared Bricks.

tinkers construct seared bricks
Seared Bricks Recipe

For a minimal Smeltery, you’re going to need at least 30 Seared Brick Blocks. So working that out, you’ll need to create 120 Blocks of Grout to get started. A few more will be required later on, but we’ll mention that in a little while.

Once you have collected 120 Grout and turned them into 30 Seared Brick Blocks, move on to the next step.

Lay Out the Seared Bricks

Now that we have 30 Seared Brick Blocks, it’s time to start laying the foundations of the smeltery. Use 9 of your Seared Brick Blocks, and place them into the ground like the image below, so that they have a placement of 3×3 blocks.

smeltery stage 1
Place Down Seared Brick Blocks in a 3×3 Pattern

You should have 21 Seared Brick Blocks remaining. Place a 2 block high wall around 3 sides of the Smeltery. Leave one of the sides empty, depending on which side you want to be the front, which should be the most accessible side.

smeltery stage 2
Surround it with the Remaining Seared Bricks

With the 3 remaining Seared Brick Blocks, place them on the empty side in a L pattern, like on the image above. There should be 3 empty spaces which is preventing the Smeltery from being an enclosed space. Here, we need to place a Controller, Drain and Fuel Tank.

Create Copper Ingots

Unfortunately, we need yet another material, and it’s Copper Ingots. These don’t exist in the Vanilla game in Minecraft 1.16.5, but Tinkers Construct provides there own. Head underground, and look for Copper Ore. The Ore Blocks are green in color, and you’ll want to mine at least 7 of them.

copper ore melter
Melting Copper Ore

Open up the Melter, by right clicking the Seared Melter block. Place Coal in the right slot to heat it up, and add your Copper Blocks into the left slots. After a short time, they’ll be turned into Molten Copper.

You can see the amount of Molten Copper inside the Melter on the right-hand side, by hovering over it. There’s enough space inside the Melter to store 8 Ingots worth of molten metal. But we need 9 to create a Copper Block.

Once there’s 8 Ingots worth of Molten Copper inside the Melter, no more Copper Ore Blocks will smelt. So instead, right click the Faucet onto the side of the Melter to empty the Molten Copper into the Casting Basin, then add your final Copper Ore to the Melter.

Right click the Faucet again to fill the Casting Basin, so that it’s now received 9 Ingots worth of Molten Copper. It will begin creating a Copper Block, and it will need to be cooled which takes a few seconds. Right click the Casting Basin to retrieve your Copper Block, and place it in a Crafting Table to turn it into 9 Copper Ingots.

Create the Smeltery Controller

Before we move forward, I want to mention that you’re going to need more Seared Bricks. Head back out and dig up more Sand, Gravel and Clay, as these final few items are going to require 20 Seared Bricks. You also need 6 Copper Ingots. We’ll be taking the Faucet and Casting Basin from the Melter to reuse them at the Smeltery.

Firstly, we need to create yet another Seared Heater, which requires placing 8 Seared Bricks inside a Crafting Table, leaving the center slot empty. Then, place this Seared Heater inside the Casting Basin next to your Seared Heater.

smeltery controller
Creating the Smeltery Controller

We need to pour 4 Ingots worth of Molten Copper onto the Heater, inside the Basin. If you have Molten Copper already in your Melter, great! Otherwise, you can go ahead and place the necessary amount of Copper Ingots in the Melter instead, to turn it into the required amount of Molten Copper.

Once you have enough, right click the Faucet to pour it onto the Seared Heater. Once it’s cooled, right click the Basin to receive your Smeltery Controller.

Craft the Seared Fuel Tank

Instead of using Coal, a Smeltery can use Lava instead, which is much more efficient. To use it, you’ll need to craft a Seared Fuel Tank, which requires 8 Seared Bricks and 1 Block of Glass.

seared fuel tank
Seared Fuel Tank Recipe

Again, you can use regular Glass Blocks that are included with Vanilla Minecraft. 

Craft the Seared Drain

The final item to complete our Smeltery is the Seared Drain. It requires 4 Seared Bricks and 2 Copper Ingots to craft. You should have some Copper Ingots remaining, from when we mined them before.

drain recipe
Drain Recipe

With our final 3 Blocks created, it’s time to assemble the Smeltery!

Assembling the Smeltery

At your Smeltery, you should have 3 empty slots. Place down the Smeltery Controller where there is a single slot on the ground, and then place the Seared Fuel Tank above it.

complete smeltery
A Fully Functional Smeltery

In the final remaining slot, place down the Drain, and connect a Faucet to the Drain. You can craft a Faucet from 3 Seared Bricks, or just take it from the Melter, as that isn’t required now that we have a Smeltery. You’ll also want to place the Casting Basin from the Melter under the Drain, so that we can use it at the Smeltery.

Using the Smeltery

The first thing you’ll want to do is fuel the Smeltery, which can be done easily by holding a Bucket of Lava, and right clicking on the Seared Fuel Tank we placed down. You’ll see the tank fill up with Lava, and a single Fuel Tank can hold around 4 Buckets of Lava at once.

smeltery GUI
Smeltery GUI

Right click the Controller to open the Smeltery GUI. You can place your Ore Blocks in the slots on the left, and the red bar will slowly increase as it smelts. Afterwards, you can view the molten metal in the middle of the GUI, and hover over it to see how many Ingots, Blocks or Nuggets it equates to.

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