How to buy a domain that already has Backlinks and SEO

buy domain that already has backlinks for seo

How can I get a domain that already has backlinks?

This doesn’t sound possible, but it actually is. If you’re creating a new website, you’re more than likely going to head to a domain registration service and register a brand new domain of your choice. However, it’s possible to buy an ‘expired domain’ which already has it’s own Backlink profile. Meaning it’s carrying some pretty good Link Juice and is going to help you out a lot in the long run.

To cut to the chase, the tool that we will use for finding domains which have expired is Domain Hunter Gatherer. We’ll talk about it below. Before we do that, let’s find out what the advantages are of purchasing an expired domain over a new one entirely.

Why should I purchase an expired domain?

Firstly, a lot of expired domains already have their own backlink profile. Depending on the popularity of the domain before it wen’t down, it could actually have a lot of authority already. Already having Link Juice means you won’t have to spend months building up your own links and working on your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Taking a higher spot on Google is also astronomically easier, as well as outranking any competition you might be facing!

You can also send all existing traffic to your own website using a 301 Redirect. When purchasing an expired domain name, you can direct people who head to that domain in their web browser to your own website using a 301 Redirect. As well as passing along traffic, you can also pass along link juice with a backlink. Alternatively, you can just integrate your website into the expired domain. You will instead take on all existing traffic anyway without having to do a redirect!

How to find expired domains

One of the best tools for finding domains that already carry backlinks and SEO has to be Domain Hunter Gatherer. It contains various tools such as Domain Auction Hunter, Web 2.0 Hunter, DomRecovery, Easy Expired Domains and the most relevant one to us, Expired Domain Hunter.

When using the Expired Domain Hunter tool, you can search for domains in multiple ways, including:

  1. Search from keywords: Enter in a list of keywords and search in search engines.
  2. Reverse Crawl: Find domains with links from pages linking to your competition.
  3. Website Crawl: Enter a website and let DHG crawl it to find expired domains.
  4. Crawl Webpage list: Find available domains from your imported list of webpages.

The Expired Domain Hunter tool uses sites including Majestic and Moz to collect metrics.


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