Make Your Posts Pop With Shortcodes


When publishing a post, you have access to a load of unique shortcodes. You can see them just above the options area for when you’re creating a post. Specifically, an ‘Insert Shortcode’ button.

Pressing this button will open up the Shortcodes list, allowing you to add a lot of useful elements to your post.  Maybe you think some text should be highlighted? 

You can add a divider to split up your content, like the one just above this bit of text. If you’re pulling a quote from someone else, there is even a shortcode for that which looks great.

Looking to quote someone on their topic? You can do so with the ‘Quote’ shortcode, adding the ability to cite a name and source.SEO Guide

In total, there are around 70 shortcodes, more than we can possibly go through. You can see an example of each shortcode here, as well as some basic code. Even though there are a load of shortcodes available, you will only find yourself using around 10 or so consistently.

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