Why Isn’t My Content Getting Readers?

A look at why your content may not be getting the viewers you hoped for...


It’s always disheartening to write up a lengthy post, publish it, come back the next day and see that nobody is reading it. It’s incredibly common, and nothing to be upset about. You may feel like giving up and stopping all together. Don’t, because we can turn this around!

Truth be told, there are many reasons as to why your content isn’t taking off and getting viewers. Most of time, it comes down to relevancy. Whilst smaller factors could be due to the on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). If your content isn’t bringing in readers, it’s ultimately not bringing in revenue for you.

You can always check how many views a post has by logging into your dashboard and checking the view counter to the right of the post. Although more accurate data is gathered through Google Analytics. Below, we’ll run through some of the main reasons that your content isn’t bringing in any readers.

It’s old content

That’s right, old content usually won’t work. If you want to discuss a game from 2008 that you’re extremely fond of, it likely won’t generate any readers. Unfortunately, it’s just not what people are looking for. Instead, they want to read about some of the latest games and upcoming releases. Some games such as Skyrim & Sims 4 are still being played today with a high player base, and content for those games is always being looked up online.

Of course, if you want to appeal to a smaller niche audience, carry on! The most common type of content for older games are that when a remaster may be announced, or how a sequel could turn out. With games that still have a player base such as Skyrim and Sims, you can discuss the latest mods, updates and news. People are always itching to know what the best mods are for the month, or for a certain aspect of the game.

You have to think about what the general public are putting into their search bar. What would you want to know if it was you?

On Page SEO is Bad

SEO is a very confusing subject to grasp at first. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and essentially means how well optimised a page is for search engines. The better the SEO, the higher chance you have of ranking high on Google, Yahoo & Bing search. Thankfully most of the SEO is taken care of already with the site design. Although there are still a few things you need to manage yourself.

Moz created a very helpful beginners guide to SEO. It’s long, but worth a read if this is something you want to take serious. Meanwhile, we have a post in the works which should talk about the most important on-page SEO features in detail. For now though, make sure your images are a good size, your content is long, readability is good and you have keywords you want to rank for in the article title and content.

The article isn’t ranking on Google

First off, after publishing an article, it doesn’t show up on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) instantly. You’ll usually have to wait until Google crawls the site, which I’d say is done around once every 12 hours. You can check to see if your post is on Google by typing ‘pwrdown.com your article’, or searching the general keyword. Content also ranks higher on Google.com, vs co.uk for example.

Whilst content will be on Google within 12 hours, many fluctuations can happen over the coming days/weeks. It usually takes weeks for Google to find a final resting place for a post anyway. It’s important that the term you want to rank for is in the title of the post anyway, as well as the URL. Again, think of what the public are going to be searching for.

There are many gaming related sites out there. If one has already covered an article you intend to, you may struggle to outrank them on Google. Unless they have a lower authority than us, a metric used to determine how much Google trusts a website. If you’re covering the release date for an upcoming WoW expansion, it’s likely going to be covered by dozens of other sites. Getting a portion of that traffic will be extremely difficult.

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