Write For Us – Video Game Journalism Job

Get paid to write about games here at PwrDown



PwrDown is always looking for new, motivated writers to join our team. You will be given a platform to write on where you can discuss your favorite games, write guides and cover some of the latest gaming news. We will always be here to help you along the way, teaching you how to write content that visitors want to read. In our Discord channel, you will find other writers and useful resources which will help you maximise your content.

When writing for us, you’ll be able to build up your own portfolio which you can use on your resume. Gather experience in video game journalism when it comes to writing & SEO. Whilst also being paid for your work! That’s right, we pay $2 for every 1000 visitors you bring to the site. If you meet a certain amount of visitors, this can rise to $3 per 1000 views. A much more competitive amount compared to other sites who offer around $0.50-$1. Not only that, occasionally we get access to Steam & Console keys which you can redeem on your own account if your work is up to scratch. Although you’ll be expected to write a review of course! You can put your journey at PwrDown on your resume as experience, detailing what you learnt with us. We will also be able to provide a reference.


You’ll be expected to cover at least 3 articles per week most weeks. These could be a review and 2 guides, a breaking news article or anything you’d like. If you wanted to maximise your income from posts, you’ll obviously want to write more than that per week. We also require that all writers be completely fluent in English. Therefor, we are only accepting residents from the UK, USA & Canada right now.

Writers are required to be 18 years old at least, and not be working on other related websites. Any published work needs to be proof read by you before being posted. You should have an interest in games, and own at least one console whether it be PC, Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch so that you can cover relevant content. No experience is needed to join our team, as we provide resources and documents to help you learn our dashboard and write engaging articles.


There are indeed. We have a few rules and terms and conditions that you’ll have to agree to before we set you up with an account. You can see some of the basic terms below. We’ll send you the full document via email when you apply to look over.

  1. You can’t post unauthorised back-links. This isn’t just a guest posting opportunity where you can try and link back to your site or other peoples. This is an on-going opportunity where you will hopefully write for us weekly. If we spot a back-link to a low authority/irrelevant site, we may remove it.
  2. After publishing an article, it will go into moderation where an editor will look over it. It will be checked for grammar, layout and to make sure the layout of the page is correct. Once you’ve managed to get the hang of it all, you’ll be able to post freely, although work will still be checked.
  3. Once you have published an article on the site, it won’t be deleted except under certain circumstances. Nor can you publish the article in other places. If you decide to stop writing for PwrDown, your work and account will stay behind. In the case you want to remove your account, all posts will be moved to the main account.
  4. On average, we expect to pay around $2 per 1000 visitors through the site. Visitors are calculated through Google Analytics. The figure you see on the dashboard may be inaccurate as it counts bot and spam visitors.


Want to try out writing for PwrDown? Fill out the form below! Please note that we don’t need a CV. Just tell us about your interests, what you hope to gain, where you are from etc. Once we have received your email, we will get back to you via the email you entered below. Please note that we can’t get back to everyone.

Original founder and main writer of PwrDown. I'm a huge Movie and TV enthusiast, with a lot of interest in the Thrillers & Mysteries. I'm also an avid gamer, mostly enjoying games such as Fallout 4 & League of Legends and various strategy games. I write guides for games that are out on PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch!