Logitech G930: Fixes for the Headset Cutting Out & Disconnecting

logitech g930 headset fixes

Wireless headsets are a blessing for gamers. No longer do we have to have wires running across our desk when trying to play competitive games. Obviously one downside is the fact that they always need charging, and that they can struggle with connectivity problems.

One problem that a lot of users face who own a G930 (like me) is that sometimes it cuts out. It will randomly disconnect and reconnect and keep turning off. There are a few fixes and steps that can be taken in order to solve this issue. We have listed them below.

If you follow these steps and they aren’t working, it’s possible that your headset has just died. If it’s under warranty, you can try contacting Logitech Support. Otherwise, order a replacement.

Fixes for G930 Disconnecting

  1. Ensure that you have the latest Logitech Gaming Software available here. Having the latest version ensures that any bugs and problems are solved on Logitech’s end. Check to see if your G930 Headset shows up in the software once installed.
latest drivers and software to fix logitech g930
Latest drivers on the Logitech site

Other potential fixes

  1. Reconnect the headset to the receiver. Use a paperclip or other small pin-like object and insert it into the hole on the adaptor. The light will blink quickly, indicating it’s in connection mode. Hold the power button on the headset for 10 seconds until it starts blinking to pair it with the dongle.
  2. Change the USB port of the dongle. Experiment with all the ports available on your computer to ensure that there are no connection problems. Try ports on the back or even one that is built into your keyboard (if applicable).
  3. Fully charge the headset before using it. When the G930 is low on battery, it will occasionally make a loud bleeping noise through the headset. You can also check the battery life of the headset by going into the Logitech Gaming Software. When the battery dies, the headset will switch off.


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