Amazon Fire Stick Kodi Review – Cheap Kodi device


Amazon Fire Stick Kodi Review

We all know how much attention the Amazon Fire Stick got last year, with the tremendous increase in popularity regarding the Kodi platform. Because of that, we’re giving you thisĀ Amazon Fire Stick Kodi Review

Amazon Fire Stick Review. Small, lightweight and kodi capable device
Sleek design of the Amazon Fire Stick

It wasn’t just the Amazon Fire Stick which saw an increase in populary. Many different devices such as the Fire TV Box by Amazon, which is a more powerful Fire Stick essentially as well as other devices like android boxes got their fare share of sales increases too.

We’ll split this review into a few sections; cost, speed, ease of use and features.


Originally, the Amazon Fire Stick costed $35, however it seems Amazon has pulled the original from their shelves and replaced it with the shiny new Fire Stick with an Alexa voice remote for $39.99. If you don’t know what this does, you can speak commands into your remote such as “Run Kodi”, and search for movies and such by saying it out loud.

The Amazon Fire TV Box sits at $89.99, which is capable of 4K Streaming and also has much better hardware than the Fire TV Stick. Both devices have the same interface and capabilities other than that. A good feature of the Fire TV Box is that it has an Ethernet port. Streaming content will be much more reliable and will be capable of streaming at a higher quality when using an Ethernet connection, instead of wi-fi.

Kodi, previously known as XBMC is free to install and use. Feel free to check out our guide to installing Kodi on the Amazon Fire Stick.

So all in all, you’re looking at $40 for the complete setup. Which is awfully cheap and shouldn’t put a dent in your budget. There are no hidden costs on top, and Amazon Prime is not required!


As you’d expect from a device that costs just $40, the speed isn’t amazing. However that’s not to say it isn’t capable of running the Kodi software. You are going to get faster speeds by using the Fire TV Box however.

Kodi is a very lightweight program, and runs perfectly fine on the Fire Stick. You may hit the occasional hiccup every now and again, but don’t let that deter you. My only advice is, if you do decide to install a custom build or third party add-ons, don’t go too crazy. You’ll bloat the device and you will notice significant performance drops. There are lots of builds that exist solely for the Amazon Fire Stick.

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There are a few techniques and guides you can follow to speed up your Fire Stick, including keeping your cache under control. I know 4 people who have a Fire Stick with Kodi running on it, and none have actually complained about slow speeds, nor have I.

Ease of use

Thankfully, the Fire Stick is really easy to use. Amazon did in fact release an update to the interface a few weeks back, but it’s still simple.

You can’t force Kodi to run on startup anymore unfortunately. So when you do turn on your Fire Stick, you’ll have to open the app from your list. This could be a bit confusing for older family members. However I just tell them to click the diamond shaped icon and they’re in.

In the box, you’ll get a HDMI adaptor which can be plugged into the back of your TV if it is wall mounted. It’s a really nice touch by Amazon to include this, and has saved me from so much hassle.


While this guide was specifically regarding Kodi on the Amazon Fire Stick, we may as well talk about some third party features of the device. Let’s start with apps.

An app store is accessible on the device, where you have the choice to download applications from all different categories. Some honourable mentions would be Netflix, YouTube, News reports and a lot more.

As well as this, you can also access Amazon’s own content, by signing up for a 30 day trial. (No payment is required, can be cancelled at any time). You’ll get access to Amazon’s large library of Movies, TV Shows and Music straight to your home screen, including 4K Content. To top it off, you’ll get Amazons famous ultra fast shipping.


Hopefully you liked ourĀ Amazon Fire Stick Kodi Review, and it assisted you. In our final opinion, we agree that the Amazon Fire Stick is a very suitable device for the Kodi platform.

Obviously so with hundreds of thousands of people currently using them. We do recommend giving the Amazon Prime trial a go, it’s free for 30 days. Cancel it before then and no money will be taken from your account.

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