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After conducting my review of the Apple Watch 3 a few months back, I talked about using a 3rd party leather strap by Jisoncase. It was a brown leather strap, which cost me £16. A much smaller price to pay compared to some of the official watch straps. I’m still happy with my Apple Watch strap, and still wear it today!

Jisoncase reached out to me and asked me to review one of their iPhone X cases, which they sent to me for free. Whilst I received this iPhone X case for free, it doesn’t influence my thoughts on the product in any way.

Before I start, here are some links to Jisoncase products on their official stores:

  1. Jisoncase Website
  2. Amazon Store
  3. Aliexpress Store

iPhone X Case Review

I will be reviewing the Grey Leather iPhone X case. You can pick up this case for around $20 at one of the links above. It’s available in a multitude of colors including Red, Black, Brown, Grey and Blue. If you aren’t a fan of the leather look or this style of case, that’s no problem as Jisoncase offer a lot of alternatives.

jisoncase review iphone x leather back of the case

Other options on their store include Microfiber slim & standing cases, leather soft bag cases, silicone clear soft cases, clutch bags, wallet cases and TFU Clear soft cases. The cases can be shipped to many countries, including the USA, Asia, Europe, UK, Canada and more, although shipping times may vary.

Getting into the review, when I first actually saw the case, it had a suede look to it. Although I quickly realised it was leather after feeling it. It fits very nicely around the case, and provides some much needed protection to the glass back.

camera crevasse around jisoncase leather

Whether it would survive a strong impact, I can’t say. However, the iPhone X does in fact feel nice and secure inside the case, with no chance of it falling out. When holding the phone inside the case, it feels easy to grip, with little chance of it falling out your hands or becoming uncomfortable. With this case also being smooth to the touch, it slides in and out of your pocket nicely.

metallic side buttons

One of my first concerns would have to be the chrome buttons on the side. When purchasing a phone case that comes with side buttons, they usually don’t work well and you have to apply some force.

With this case, I had no issues whatsoever. The buttons work like you’d expect with out a case, and have a satisfying clicking sound. The chrome is an acquired taste however, there isn’t much customisation available at this part. With a little DIY, you could possibly remove the buttons if you wanted to.

jisoncase logo embedded into the case



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