Using an Xbox One controller on PC

The Xbox One controller is one of the most advanced controllers out there, and an all time favourite amongst PC Players. Whilst other controllers are available such as the PlayStation controller and the relatively new Steam Controller, the Xbox One controller has to take the top spot.

It feels great to hold, looks sleek, can be customised in so many different ways. It also has out of the box functionality with practically all games on PC. Just like the PS4 Controller, it can also be used on a PC relatively easily, especially with wireless functionality.

If you don’t want to use the Xbox One controller on your PC with wireless, you can use a Micro USB cable and directly connect the controller to your computer. The controller’s Xbox logo should light up and you can go ahead and use it in game. A USB Extension cable may come of use.

When using an Xbox One controller with Windows, you are able to have up to 8 controllers connected at once, whether wireless or wired. However this number is lowered to 4 if you choose to have Xbox chat headsets plugged into each controller. If you choose to have Xbox stereo headsets plugged in, the number of controllers is further reduced to 2.

Using an Xbox One Controller on PC with Wireless

In order to have wireless functionality, you will have to order an Official Microsoft Wireless Adaptor from Amazon. These aren’t the same ones used for Wireless 360 controllers.

This small, yet bulky adaptor will need to be plugged into a free USB Port in your computer, and has a small sync button similar to how an Xbox One controller has on top. If the controller isn’t connecting automatically, try following these steps:

  1. On your PC, go to Settings > Devices.
  2. Choose Add Bluetooth or other device.
  3. Select Everything else.
  4. Select Xbox Wireless Controller.
  5. Click Done.
Otherwise, you may need to update your Xbox One controller to the latest firmware. More information can be found at the Xbox Support Site.



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