How to watch USA Netflix in the UK [2018 Guide]


Netflix and the purge of VPN’s

Everyone knows that the USA version of Netflix has by far the most amount of Movies and TV Shows. It’s far superior to any other versions, including the UK’s. Whilst not even on the American site anymore, the TV Show ‘Lost’ was something I always felt like I was missing out on.

If you was using Netflix back in around 2012 or so, you could get access to American Netflix from the UK really easy in the form of free VPN’s (Virtual private networks), often setup as Chrome or Firefox extensions.

Unfortunately, pretty much all VPN’s became black listed, and Netflix stopped allowing them to be used on the site. The error seen below is what you’ll come across now when using most VPN providers on the site. Something that you should know now, is that no free VPN works, and likely ever willoops you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy netflix vpn 2018

As soon as Netflix detects a VPN among their traffic, their going to block the IP Address and all other associated IP’s. A lot of paid providers still work, however don’t expect anything from free versions.

Now that we’ve hit 2018, finding a working Virtual Private Network is still pretty hard. Most companies have decided to stop Netflix support as it’s just too difficult to maintain.

How to watch USA Netflix in the UK

One service that does still work, providing you American Netflix from the UK and any other country is NordVPN. It will allow you to get full access to all HD USA Netflix content, with the ability to have 6 connected devices at once.

Other features that are provided with NordVPN are CyberSec, double data encryption and a kill switch. Get started with Nord VPN and browse more Netflix content today!

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