Where to get Cheap Apple Watch Bands & Straps


I’m not a big fan of branded products, and never felt interested in spending anywhere between £50 and £150 for a simple band for my Apple Watch 3. Sure, Apples official products are high quality and feel premium, but I couldn’t justify spending that much. Especially when there are alternatives pretty much everywhere.

You may have spotted Watch Straps available on places like eBay and Amazon, where they can usually cost around £10-20, saving you a hefty amount. But what if you could get them for even cheaper?

I’ve recently increased the size of my collection, going from a simple grey sport band to now owning 10 bands. In total, this upgrade cost me around £30, a little less than that. I now have bands that match most outfits, and ones which I can alternate through when working out.

My solution is what you can call ‘Fake bands’, which come from China. I’ll talk more about it below and provide links. What you need to know though is that they offer free delivery to most countries, and usually take around a week to arrive!

Chinese Watch Straps

The band that comes packaged with the Apple Watch is the Sport Band. These cost £49.99 each on the Apple Store. Where as from AliExpress, you can get them yourself for less than $3 each with free delivery. I purchased 3 new sports bands, which came in White, Light Blue and Dark Blue. You can check out the link for the store I bought them from here.

chinese apple watch straps fake sports strap
Sports straps

The quality of them is really good, and there was no manufacturing issues. The only issue I faced was I ordered M/L when I have relatively small wrists. Go for S/M otherwise! When comparing the official strap to these 3rd party ones, the only difference is that they don’t have the official markings on the back which says the Watch size and strap size.

nike straps fake cheap
Nike Bands

I also went with three Sport Bands, but have managed to lose one somehow. There are a lot of colour options available, I chose Black & Red and Black & White. Again, these are high quality and perfect for working out as they allow your wrist to breathe and not get sweat trapped underneath.  You can check out the products I bought here. They’re currently sitting at $3.50 a piece.

There are a few other types of bands available. Such as Milanese straps and Nylon types.

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