Forager: How to Find Dig Spots


GamingForager: How to Find Dig Spots

In Forager, you will need to use your shovel at Dig Spots in order to find Archaeology items. You can then use these items in order to complete the Archaeology bundle at the museum. The only issue, Dig Spots are quite hard to find.

Mainly because them spawning are relatively rare. Dig Spots look like oval-shaped holes in the ground that you can use your shovel on. You will receive materials such as sand, stone and gems, with a small chance of receiving one of the archaeology items. 

The archaeology item you receive depends on the biome. With the Grass, Desert, Winter, Graveyard and Fire Biomes each having their own item. Digging is also one of the best ways to obtain large amounts of sand, with each land providing over a hundred at a time.

Below, we will show you how to find Dig Spots in Forager, as well as some other tips for the game. If you want to check out some more guides, you can read our dedicated area here!

Finding Dig Spots

As mentioned previously, Dig Spots spawn randomly and are quite rare to show up. However, there is a way to make a large amount of spots spawn around you instantly that you can dig up.

To do this, you will need to build a Shrine. Building Shrines require that you unlock the ‘Faith’ skill under the ‘Magic’ tree. From there, place a shrine down on one of the lands and use it.

Two buffs will show on the screen, it’s completely random which you will receive. The one we are wanting is ‘Excavator’, which “Instantly spawn a bunch of digging spots”. 

Excavator buff

When you choose this option, the land around you will be full of dig spots like the screenshot below. You can also see that I found two Dino Eggs from digging up just a small portion of the land.

dig spots
Dig Spots

You can repeat this process many times to get the items you need. Whilst you can also place multiple shrines down on the same land and activate them at once until you get the Excavator buff. 

I recommend upgrading your shovel to the highest option so that you can dig much more than one block a time. The default shovel only allows you to dig a single block, whilst the best shovel can dig up around 16 blocks at a time. 

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